Hurricane Dorian

For all my dear readers and friends in the path or have been in the path of Hurricane Dorian. Be safe and we shall meet again on the other side of the storm.

Eastern North Carolina is currently battling the outer bands of Dorian. Power has knocked off and thankfully came back on. Wind is picking up and the rain is still pretty easy going. There have been tornado watches and warnings all over from Myrtle Beach S.C. to Virigina Beach VA. The area south east of us are getting a harder brush than we are currently. I have been hearing the fire sirens going off, probably responding to wrecks and trees on the roads.

According to Noaa and the Weather Channel we should get the “main” event sometime this evening/tonight and Friday morning. It should all be cleared out by Friday evening. Then the weekend and first of next week will be cooler and sunny. Go figure.

Be safe my friends and we’ll meet again in the sunshine. james

Huricane Florence and the Eastern NC

Eastern North Carolina is hunkered down and waiting to see what this storm is going to do. Currently as I type this the wind is blowing and we had a short rain shower. People are still driving and making last minute preperations. Soon all will be quiet except for the moaning howls of wind and spattering rain.

Folks will hunker down with loved ones (furbabies too) and wait for the storm’s fury to pass. On the beaches waves will mercilessly and hungerily rip and tear at the shore, while wind will shred anything it can get a hold on. Bad times are coming and yet we have held our ground and thrived.

After the storm has spent its fury and has moved on. Then the clean up and the taking stock will begin. People will pull together and life starts again. If you are in the path of the storm, be safe. I will see you folks on the otherside of this storm.

Cheers on a hurricane afrernoon. james


Michael Connelly created the very memorable character of Harry Bosch, a dectective of the Hollywood Homicide Division of the famed LAPD. The first books were Black Ice, Black Echo and The Concrete Blond, these books and the ones that have followed firmly established Connelly and Bosch as a mainstay of the American mystery genre. Connelly has gone a step further in working with Amazon Prime to bring Bosch to life. 

Bosch on Amazon Prime is the best of the books and tv. Mr. Connelly has stayed involved with this project and it shows in the details and degree of story integrity. The actor playing Harry Bosch is Titus Welliver. Mr. Welliver gives breath and an understanding to Harry, his flaws and charming quirks. Jerry Edgar is Bosch’s long time partner played by Jamie Hector. Mr. Hector and Mr. Welliver play well with the relationship Connelly established in the books. Jamie Hector’s Edgar seems to be the perfect foil for Bosch’s quirks. 

If you like mystery or are already a Harry Bosch fan give this series a try. It has a lot going for it. Cheers, james


Dear Readers,

Camp finished up and I am feeling drained. Physically, mentally and creatively empty. I will keep this short and I should be back next week to my regular weekly posting. I applaude all the ones that did camp and I applaude the ones that kept writing anyway regardless.

Cheers, james


I met a lady today and we talked. But then she got upset thinking about the problems in her life. She was crying and said she considered suicide. Whoa, hold it, lets not go there. We talk a while longer, gave her my phone number and the phone number of a friend.

I hope and I pray that when I left her I gave a measure of hope. I told her if you want or need to talk ,call day or night. I was put in place to help her and I hope I passed the test.

I did ask her if she would like a kitten and said they could leave their mama next week. She laughed and smiled as I recounted their antics. She said she would love a kitten. I wonder which one she’ll chose.

If you are willing please say a prayer for her in her time of need. She needs the Good Lord’s grace to hold her close and carry her through this. In times of need, faith carries us in His loving arms. Thank you, james

Not Another Creative Writing Blog!

A brand new blog, a new member of the writing blog gang. There is some great writing and plenty of humor. Let’s show some love.

Your Writing Mentor

I’m writing this blog because there are no blogs out there about creative writing. No place for the writer to turn to help with writing blocks, snags, crunch points.

Yeah, sure. Pop “creative writing” in your browser and stand back for the deluge. So why read mine instead of or even in addition to all the others out there?

I’m writing it because no one else has my unique insights into the craft of fiction.

Closer to the truth, if arrogant. Because who blogs with the view that they’re going to regurgitate stuff that’s already out there? Who doesn’t believe they have a unique perspective that the rest of the world is dying to access? Why am I going to be any different? I have something to say and the blog is a convenient, current way to say it.

So, yes, come along for this ride and you will be…

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