Michael Connelly created the very memorable character of Harry Bosch, a dectective of the Hollywood Homicide Division of the famed LAPD. The first books were Black Ice, Black Echo and The Concrete Blond, these books and the ones that have followed firmly established Connelly and Bosch as a mainstay of the American mystery genre. Connelly has gone a step further in working with Amazon Prime to bring Bosch to life. 

Bosch on Amazon Prime is the best of the books and tv. Mr. Connelly has stayed involved with this project and it shows in the details and degree of story integrity. The actor playing Harry Bosch is Titus Welliver. Mr. Welliver gives breath and an understanding to Harry, his flaws and charming quirks. Jerry Edgar is Bosch’s long time partner played by Jamie Hector. Mr. Hector and Mr. Welliver play well with the relationship Connelly established in the books. Jamie Hector’s Edgar seems to be the perfect foil for Bosch’s quirks. 

If you like mystery or are already a Harry Bosch fan give this series a try. It has a lot going for it. Cheers, james


Fortune Cookie wisdom

You are never too old to dream. Dreams bring hope.

I got this fortune a couple of weeks ago and after the events of the past weeks. We can all use some hope and fortune cookie wisdom. Dreams give us hope. So true. 

Cheers, james


Dear Readers,

Camp finished up and I am feeling drained. Physically, mentally and creatively empty. I will keep this short and I should be back next week to my regular weekly posting. I applaude all the ones that did camp and I applaude the ones that kept writing anyway regardless.

Cheers, james


I met a lady today and we talked. But then she got upset thinking about the problems in her life. She was crying and said she considered suicide. Whoa, hold it, lets not go there. We talk a while longer, gave her my phone number and the phone number of a friend.

I hope and I pray that when I left her I gave a measure of hope. I told her if you want or need to talk ,call day or night. I was put in place to help her and I hope I passed the test.

I did ask her if she would like a kitten and said they could leave their mama next week. She laughed and smiled as I recounted their antics. She said she would love a kitten. I wonder which one she’ll chose.

If you are willing please say a prayer for her in her time of need. She needs the Good Lord’s grace to hold her close and carry her through this. In times of need, faith carries us in His loving arms. Thank you, james

The Sex-Writing Exercise

I found this neat post and wanted to share her challenge. Her incredible attention to detail is inspiring. Hope you enjoy her post and swing by her blog. Cheers, james

Ah, memories. Tonight they are specifically about how putting words to anything to do with sex used to be a lot more awkward than it is right now. Speaking or writing about sex, even when it was just to myself, made me feel guilt, shame, not the good kind of dirty, and a wide range of other uncomfortable things. I used to tell myself writing less explicitly merely left more to the imagination. Now I’ve grown somewhat older, wiser, and a whole lot more comfortable with myself, I’ve come to one conclusion: that it is a huge load of donkey shit.

There is nothing remotely sexy about describing elaborate sexual activity as “and he fucked me senseless”. It leaves it up to everybody else to come up with exactly how such an event transpires and honestly, people can do that without that one miserable little sentence. It both triggers and…

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