Your anger slaps at me
like the cruel relentless wind.
My own anger unfurls
like a striking snake.

Eyes mirror the pain,
with each shouted phrase.
“You don’t understand”
“I don’t want to understand”

Once only thoughtful words
and tender caresses passed between us.
Now heated angry acusations thoughtlessly flung at each other.

We loved strongly and now we hate even more.

Mission BBQ

If you are a smoked, grilled meat kinda person, I wholeheartedly recommend Mission BBQ. One recently opened nearby and the food is awesome. The service is great, these folks seem to enjoy working here. The decor is comfortable wood tables, chairs, benches and boothes. They are decorated with military, police, fire and sports memerabillia.

If you enjoy good food, good people , swing by and check them out. Cheers, james

P.s. a writer”s gotta eat, artists are famous for “starving”.


If you ever read The Phantom Tollbooth as a kid, you know what I’m talking about. If not I suggest looking into it. Short story is the dulldrums are a colorless, joyless, dead place that people got stuck into but couldn’t seem to get out. A happy thought, joy or something of the like, was the ticket out. A very cute, neat premise kids’ book.

I seem stuck in the Dulldrums in my writing. My writing passion and my reading passion are there but burried under Everyday Life. There doesn’t seem to be any life in my story. I know this is where “I think I can” mantra comes in if I only had the energy to feel it, believe it.

Where did all my free time go? Oh right I gave it up for admittance into The Real World. I megally overpaid! I want my free time back.

Cheers on a dulldrum Wednesday, james

T M I (too much info)

As I write, some things I leave out because its part of normal everyday life and sleeping, eating, don’t move a story along. Unless it is relevant to the story. An example is my main character Rachael hiking thru woods looking for her mom. She is hungry and thirsty, I describe her approach to drinking and the eating of just enough berries to not make herself sick. Those details are important and shows she knows her way around the woods.

Other scenes when I am unsure where I am going I write in making or drinking a cup of tea. This is a real world habit of mine so it makes sense. As this is first draft those tea moments may or may not make final cut. (I find myself jonesin for a cup of Earl Grey) So how do you know when you are giving TMI?

Part of my concern is lack of experience, I have never gotten this far on a story before. At 107 handwritten pages doesn’t sound like much, but most died after a few typed pages. Another reason to write old school vs. my laptop is I can write without my inner efitor going “that’s not right”, spelling, structure, tense all the horrible typo gremlins that plague me. I give the wonderfully sneaky answer “I’ll fix when I type it”. So far it has worked, I have typed 25 pages which equals 70-80 handwritten pages. Long way to go. One bright spot Tolkien wrote LOTRs over the course of several years, I think.

The other concern is how my grasp on the story keeps changing and how the tones is changing. I can’t tell if it is changing or if the way I see it is changing. Anyway back to my waiting pen and paper. Cheers on this Father’s Day. james

Happy Thursday update

I had a couple hours worth of writing time on Thursday night, pages got wrote and I worked through some plot snarls. All in all it was a very good writing/plotting session. I left plenty to work with in the main story. But two backstories are bubbling up. I am torn how much to follow them or just let them flow beneath the main story. One story will have serious impact further in, the other I am not really sure what if any impact it will have.

Instinct tells me I wouldn’t written it if the story didn’t need it. I don’t want my story becoming to serious and this line may inject humor lightening things up a bit. The next writing date I make, I think exploring that line will prove its merrit.

Now on to my next writing date. Cheers, james

The Ring

Little metal band,
Stone of saphire,
Placed upon my sacred hand,
We promised forever to stand.

Marriage is an awe inspiring thing, two lives modeled into one. However wedding bands, fancy dresses, and vows, don’t mean anything if you aren’t married in your heart first. I had a young lady comment on my wedding ring, a round saphire with two side stones that change from blue to green. She said she had heard only diamonds were fit for wedding rings. I smiled and said it is what you make it. A wedding ring, engagement ring etc, should reflect the wearer, be it a favorite stone, a certain design, or from a special place. I didn’t have a chance to tell her that no matter what type of ring you wear if the feelings aren’t in your heart. That little metal band and rock is going to bring nothing, but heartache and pain.

We are going on eleven years together and seven married this year. Pretty good for a country girl that never dreamed she’d get married. Now if I could just turn our snoring volume down. Lol! Cheers on a Sunday night, james

A new ….

Tonight is the fourth day of a new month. I don’t know where the previous five months went, but here’s to hoping June stays a little longer. This also marks no writing progress this month. I haven’t looked at or touched my notebooks and pad since the twenty something of May.

I realized this morning I have fallen into a trap. I was thinking about stuff I needed to work on today. Writing was placed on the list and the voice in my head rebuffed me. “Shame on you, you have certain obligations and writing isn’t one right now.” Aha! The light bulb clicked on, I have been masking my non writing with my writing excuses. Things like you should working on work stuff, spending more time with the hubby ( this is a legit need), spending more time with family (hmmm this is in front of the tv, I smell a rat), etc. all clamoring for that sacred time. I used to set aside two hours after my shower and before bed on the nights my hubby works. And somehow that time disappeared, spent in front of the tv to keep my uncle company.

So tonight I hope to turn a new beginning and retake my writing time back.

Cheers to you on this stormy Thursday night, james