Quote of the Day: Max Hawthorne

Author Max Hawthorne is the creative genius behind the Kronos Rising series. Currently there are 3 full novels, plus 2 novellas that take place between the novels. His writing is well researched and keeps events moving along. His characters are well rounded with flaws, strengths, and unique personality quirks. He is a new voice in the sea monster genre. Fans of Peter Benchley and Steve Alten will find plenty to like.

Cheers, james

Lost Park and Lake in Raleigh’s Past


I stumbled across the above linked article this morning about North Carolina’s capital, Raleigh. According the WRAL article there was a lake and park that time has forgotten. I have attached the link for the interested. After reading the article, I am astounded that none of the records of the time reflect its location.

Happy hunting, james