Adapt and over come

Yeah I have been learning that leason the hard way today. I overslept and while getting dressed I discovered I had lost one of the lenses out of my glass. So in the process of searching for it with a flashlight, I woke my hubby up. (At this writing, lens is still AWOL) We both hunted for it and I had to call my boss and let her know I was going to be late and why. Finally give up and hubby drives me to work. So I was thirty minutes late and the butt of a few jokes. Luck smiled on me and I found my computer glasses at work. (Wearing them now until I can replace my regular glasses)

After that things smoothed out until after lunch, then one of printers decided that it was no longer going work right. (Still not acting right) Then while fighting with printer, a customer came in with some made up junk about our town limits. So fustration piled on top of fustration topped with a headache. (Dear Lord thank you for Excedrin.)

Hope you have gotten a chuckle out of my day and I starting to feel the humor of my day. Cheers, james

Stolen Moments

Married to you,
its the hidden touches,
the secret smiles,
the stolen moments away from spying eyes.
The whispered words of things to come,
treasured moments in your arms,
tiny kisses, private jokes,
Turn into stolen moments away from prying eyes and wagging tongues.
We love a lifetime in our stolen moments.
Then return to who we have to be for spying eyes and wagging tongues.

Dirt Bike Knight part 4

“My sweet child are you alright?” George asked.

“I am okay now. ” she answered.

“I said I was ..”

“Now dearest, allow me to explain. The young man thought he was acting honorably. He comes from the outside. You know they don’t believe in us anymore. And we should pity him, living in a world without magic.”

“George he attacked our baby. He should be toasted roasted into oblivion. I saw him grab her arm, yelling at my poor terified baby. And it looks human now, but when I saw it, it droned like a bee and it’s head was giganitic in relation to the rest of it. Please just kill it George, before it hurts my baby.”

Race swallowed he wasn’t going to Portland. He was going to be toast.

“Maddy, Maddy, my beloved queen he is human. He wears a suit and helmut for protection, so he may safely ride that contraption. Its armour, my beloved, nothing more.”

“Mumsey he did stop to help me when I hit the tree limb. He didn’t hurt me and Dadsey shouldn’t make him into toast. Besides he’s kinda cute.” She winked at him.

Race wished he could vanish. The princess didn’t seem so crazy and she thought he was cute. He froze the queen had that scary look in her eyes.

“Do you have a name human male?”

“Race, your highness.”

Stormin Thursday

Dear Readers,

As I write this post, thundering is booming in my ears and lightening flashing in the distance. So while the storm outside is ragin, hopefully it will kindle an inner writing storm. I love writing on stormy or rainy days. And I plan to take full advantage of this weather.

So cheers on this stormy evening, james

Dirt Bike Knight part 3

“Hush your mumbling. If I was going to drop you I would have already. It is only the wind causing the bumps.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Race opened his eyes to the wonder of flight. The closest he’d come was the high jumps on his bike.

“This is incredible. I’ve never flown before.”

“Yes well don’t get to used to it. We’re here.”

The dragon folded his wings and the earth rushed to meet them. At the last moment, the wings opened parachuting them safely down. He checked the bike, luckly it hadn’t been damaged.

“George!” A roar came from the huge mansion.

“Coming dear.” The dragon bumped him forward. “Come along, she doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

The grounds were huge bursting with flowers, fruit and perfumed the very air. Race slowed taking it in. Fountains flowed adding to the ambienance. Wind chimes tinkled and chimed in the background, stirred by the breeze.

“This is incredible. How is possible?”

“Standard garden magic, don’t your gardens have it?”

“Magic doesn’t exist where I come from. We have science but nothing like this.”

“George” the roar was drawn out and he winced.

“Oh we’re in for it now. Let me do the talking.”

They entered through a side door, Race left the bike and helmut, at the dragon’s urging. A short walk brought them into a huge room, tapestries, and paintings dripped from the walls. A green dragon reclined on a huge pile of pillows. A throne beside her was occupied by the princess.

“Well what do have to say before I toast you for a snack?” The lady dragon roared at him.