Dirt Bike Knight part 3

“Hush your mumbling. If I was going to drop you I would have already. It is only the wind causing the bumps.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Race opened his eyes to the wonder of flight. The closest he’d come was the high jumps on his bike.

“This is incredible. I’ve never flown before.”

“Yes well don’t get to used to it. We’re here.”

The dragon folded his wings and the earth rushed to meet them. At the last moment, the wings opened parachuting them safely down. He checked the bike, luckly it hadn’t been damaged.

“George!” A roar came from the huge mansion.

“Coming dear.” The dragon bumped him forward. “Come along, she doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

The grounds were huge bursting with flowers, fruit and perfumed the very air. Race slowed taking it in. Fountains flowed adding to the ambienance. Wind chimes tinkled and chimed in the background, stirred by the breeze.

“This is incredible. How is possible?”

“Standard garden magic, don’t your gardens have it?”

“Magic doesn’t exist where I come from. We have science but nothing like this.”

“George” the roar was drawn out and he winced.

“Oh we’re in for it now. Let me do the talking.”

They entered through a side door, Race left the bike and helmut, at the dragon’s urging. A short walk brought them into a huge room, tapestries, and paintings dripped from the walls. A green dragon reclined on a huge pile of pillows. A throne beside her was occupied by the princess.

“Well what do have to say before I toast you for a snack?” The lady dragon roared at him.

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