Dirt Bike Knight part 4

“My sweet child are you alright?” George asked.

“I am okay now. ” she answered.

“I said I was ..”

“Now dearest, allow me to explain. The young man thought he was acting honorably. He comes from the outside. You know they don’t believe in us anymore. And we should pity him, living in a world without magic.”

“George he attacked our baby. He should be toasted roasted into oblivion. I saw him grab her arm, yelling at my poor terified baby. And it looks human now, but when I saw it, it droned like a bee and it’s head was giganitic in relation to the rest of it. Please just kill it George, before it hurts my baby.”

Race swallowed he wasn’t going to Portland. He was going to be toast.

“Maddy, Maddy, my beloved queen he is human. He wears a suit and helmut for protection, so he may safely ride that contraption. Its armour, my beloved, nothing more.”

“Mumsey he did stop to help me when I hit the tree limb. He didn’t hurt me and Dadsey shouldn’t make him into toast. Besides he’s kinda cute.” She winked at him.

Race wished he could vanish. The princess didn’t seem so crazy and she thought he was cute. He froze the queen had that scary look in her eyes.

“Do you have a name human male?”

“Race, your highness.”

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