Ready, Set, Write!

I wish I could say that Nov. 1st is going to be an awesome writing day and NaNo will be smooth sailing. I know better. Writing is all fun and games until the words that poured out fast and furious are down to measley drip drops.

However I chose not to focus on that, but instead Saturday night and my wedding anniversary to my awesome, fantastic hubby. Wow seven years, where did the time go.
This time seven years ago I was getting ready to go to Gatlinburg TN for our wedding.

Chapel at the Park provided a beautiful charming little chapel, perfect weather and a peaceful pastor. He spoke more to my soon to be hubby than me, but only because I was late. Never fails I always seem to be late for the important stuff. Tying this back to writing, hopefully I will be on time for NaNo at Nov. 30th.

Cheers on this Halloween weekend, james

NaNo Project Named

Finally I have hatched a idea for my NaNo project.

Offically titled and created novel: Manuscripts Epiphanies Illuminated.

Main character has been named: Deleware Blanche “DB” Cooper. She is a manuscript and book restorationist and takes commissions to create modern manuscripts and books.

Plot so far: She is hired to create an illuminated manuscript of Robert E. Howard’s Conan series. While creating the manuscript she notices clues emerging that lead her on a quest.

Subplot intrique: For every work that she does, she makes the client’s copy and creates a second copy. She justifies it as an insurance policy in case something happens to the client’s copy.
I get the feeling this is going to lead to trouble at some point. (At least I hope so.)

So that is my NaNo project, wishing all the best to everyone writing everywhere. Hats off to the NaNo-ers that are planning to take part.

Cheers, james

Beach baby, mountain someday

If you’ve been following along with this blog, you may be aware I hale from eastern North Carolina. You also may per chance remember I suffer from a restless spirit. Traveling to new places is exciting and awesome, especially if my hubby is with me.

I was looking at the Amtrak website and noticed they sell vacation packages. Both of us would love to travel out west, however cost is a controling factor. Time is also a big consideration. So I was pleasently suprised to find both affordable and reasonable length packages.

I have my eye set on a package for three days to Yosemite National Park. There is also an eight day package, but well out of our budget range, For Now. I am waiting for the brouchures with all the desitnations to come next week sometime. And maybe in the future there is a train vacation to far away places for me and my hubby.

Wishing you a pleasant, if slightly nippy Thursday night. Cheers, james

P.s. Scotland don’t worry you are so still on the list. I left a piece of my heart in Switzerland, and I dream of the day I show the hubby your gorgous charms.

NaNo Prep Update

Well the NaNoWriMo site has re-launched as of October 5, 2015. I have signed up, found my home region, Wilmington, and found a couple of writing buddies. I also have looked through some of the forums, and read some of the pep talks. Laughed over Jim Butcher’s pep talk and wondered for the umpteenth dozen time what I am thinking. I am ready for a change, is what I’m thinking. My writing has been taking a backseat ride and it’s time to let it ride shotgun.

I feel if I can write 50K words in 30 days then I can point and say “yep this is worth every tear, drop of sweat and banged head.” It validates me as a writer to me and from hobby to worthwhile effort. So in the spirit of being brief I’ll sign off. Cheers, james

p.s. It’s great to be home.

Writing Away from Home

This week I have been away from home and attending work training. These times away from the stress of work and family should be cherished moments of quiet in which the wellspring of creativity should erupt forth as enthusiastically as Old Faithful, the geyser. However the silence and strange surroundings of an unfamiliar room and city overwhelm me. I feel I am drowning without the normal comforts of home and family.

At the same time, I am curious about new places and new people. I am free to engage in people watching although I have been too restless. Even now I think about the game of pool being played in the lobby and taking my computer and siting in one of the many available seats. I don’t think anyone would mind or even notice if I watched the goings on of people at the hotel. Last night I took a trip out to the Barnes and Noble Bookstore and walked around for a long time. In times past I have claimed a seat and happily whiled away several hours, reading or wandering the stacks of books. I roamed the store for an hour and half and no seat claimed my attention to extend my time there.

There is something at this moment that is repulsive to me about people right now. I believe it has something to do with crowds, the noise, and the unholy chaos of big city life. I do know that a good writer takes inspiration where she can find it, so my current mood of wanting to be around, but apart from people intrigues me. Sitting here in this room, high above traffic and people, there is a sense of loneliness that surprises me.

The weather is also not helping, cool and grey, there is a pregnancy about the air. Mixed weather and the threat of a hurricane has lots of folks concerned. We are still animals at heart and the Good Lord Above gave us instincts to guide us when things aren’t quite right.

I know part of my trouble is homesick and missing my hubby too. I am reminded that however outgoing I can be, I am an introvert at heart.  Cheers on a dreary Thursday night, james