New knife making blog

Aha finally his first post. This is the hubby’s blog. Check him out and welcome him as you have welcomed me. Cheers


Welcome to my blog. My name is Shawn and I am a learning to make knives. My wife also talked me into starting this blog. She thinks for some reason you good folks are interested in my efforts. I will be trying to post about my projects, tools, and any neat things I learn during this process.

Currently I have made and finished three knives. I will post pictures once I figure out how to. Two of my knives have been basic good multipurpose tools. The third is super cool. It is an Alaskan ulu. It is a crecent shaped blade that is wicked useful for chopping, slicing and skinning. There are some neat YouTube videos on the way to use these knives.

I rough cut the semicircle shape out of an old circular saw blade, thank you eBay, that was good steel. And then using a dremel tool, files…

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2016: A New Year

As the Christmas holidays are wrapping up and looking to the start of a new year. I want to reflect on the things I have acomplished and things I tried and did suceed as well as I would have liked.

I have kept this blog going for almost two years come March. I have found an awesome group of friends to spend time with, and I have grown both as a person and as a writer. I have tried NaNo and while I didn’t make it to 50k. I did write every day of November. That is well worth celebrating. I have learned that I am a writer, even if I don’t always feel like one. A writer is a person who writes, not because they want to, but because they have too. And saddly I am still thoroughly addicted to office supplies. (Sigh)

I hope 2015 was as inspiring and eventful for you, dear readers, as my year was for me. Here’s to 2016, may it be the best of times, the worst of times, and the trumph of all times. Cheers, james

Book Review: The MacKinnon’s Bride

Post NaNo, I’ve been catching up on my reading. I found this sweet little gem through a BookBub emailer last week. This is a historical romamance novel written by Tanya Anne Crosby. Set on the borders of the England and Scotland, a Highlands laird retrieves a missing child and tangles with a headstrong miss.

I will only tempt and tease you. The story made smile, made me laugh, made me cry. The author skillfully handled both her story and her characters well. I loved the bit of mystery sprinkled throughout too. I prefer more mystery and story woven with moments of romance and I was satisfied with it. The love scenes were nicely handled without over detailing the specifics.

All in all The MaKinnon Bride is a story that I can see myself rereading. Cheers, james

Truth vs. Fiction

An article on the internet yesterday caught my eye. J.K. Rowelings said Voldermort was less evil than Republican presidental canidate Donald Trump. Huh? Hold the phone folks. It has been a few years since I left Potterverse but huh?

I actual kinda thought old Voldymoldy might get along with old Trumpetmouth. They bought both want absolute power.

– Control of the wizarding world
– Control of “The Button”. Check
– Destroy all muggles, and non-   supporters.
– Destroy any non-americans and non-supporters. Double check
– Attack using any and every weapon at his disposal, regardless of the cost. Check

See where this is going. I don’t think Ms. Rowelings can really say one is worse than the other with the grateful exception of one being a fictional villian and well one is a living person. It sounds to me that they could have come from the same mold. Doesn’t that chill your blood. Anyway just a little tidbit for thought. Cheers, james

Ps We now return you to our normally scheduled non-political blog.

Recovering Post NaNo

I have been lazy since Dec. 1, I started typing on my NaNo project. I decided to give my hands a break on writing and finish knitting up a Christmas present. Strangely enough two of my other knitting projects have gone AWOL. At least I found the scarf. But here is to taking a break and getting back to work in the new year.
Cheers, james

NaNo Update: The End

Word count: 21,469

Well the last thirty days have been awesome, crazy, tiring, and just plain intense. I came, I saw, I got my butt kicked or did I. Yes NaNo you won this round, but I won in writing my butt off for the last month. Not only did I write every day, I kept my blog posts going too.

I learned this is my kinda crazy and I will be back next year with a new game plan. The thing that I loved doing but really slowed me down was hand writing the whole thing. I will have to decide early on what I am going to use and stick with it. Be it using the laptop, the tablet or more likely my phone. I need to work on the outlining thing because my story took off without me. And the subplot for the moment has become my main plot. While my main plot has gone AWOL (absent with out leave).

In the mean time I had an unplanned shooting, a phone bomb, and niffty tech. There is a kidnapping, a vanished character, and a love interest that showed up from the blue. I have jumped time forward about fifteen years. I gotta say a future without corvettes is a bleak future indeed.

Here is to the ones that spanked NaNo, the ones who didn’t win the count but won something more valuable and the ones that are thinking about taking the plunge. I applaud each and everyone of you. Mr. Beatty is write, the world needs our stories, because we are the only ones that can tell them. Cheers, james