Owl Story: Project page

Current work in progress that I refer to in my posts.

Premise: A group of mismatched heros fight an ancient foe. A prophecy heralding the return of their greatest warrior falls on the shoulders of a young girl.

I have written this story on legal pads and black ink pens. Currently the page count is 115 handwritten and about 25 typed pages. This story began with a description of the owl pendant that kicks the story off. A simple writing excerise that grew into a story, one of those amazing times where you are nothing more than the medium the words flow through onto the page.

As I described the pendant, I could see little hands that cuddled it close and heard the footsteps on creaking stairs. I could feel her fear of who or what was climbing towards her. It took several rewritings before I followed the owl out of the window, down the ivy trellis and into the unknown.

I posted the introduction to the story. I will try to update this page as the story progresses, but no promises. Cheers, james

9 thoughts on “Owl Story: Project page

  1. Sure, always interested to read new stuff james. (I get a bit bored reading big pieces though – my brain only takes in little bits each day)

  2. I admire writers like you who can let the story flow onto the page without controlling too much. I’d love a link in this post to your introduction. I’ll look for it. I like how you use emotions and senses right away.

      1. Here are some links to tutorials. Try these. https://ithemes.com/tutorials/adding-links-in-wordpress/ OR https://en.support.wordpress.com/links/

        Basically I type the sentence and then highlight the words I want people to click to open a link. Then I open a new tab for internet and find the page or site I want to link to. Copy the URL. Go back to my post and click the highlighted text I have already made. Then I see a box that has the URL in it showing me what I am linking to. I click the pencil icon to edit and then check the box to have it open the link in a new tab when someone clicks it. That’s it. If I’m linking to one of my own pages, I open my site in a new tab, be sure I’m on the page I want to link to, and copy its URL, follow the same procedure as linking to someone else’s site.

  3. To link to your introduction I would highlight “introduction to the story” in your last paragraph. Then open your blog in a new tab, find that introduction post, copy its URL. Then come back to this page and click your highlighted text. The link should show up in a little box. Click the pencil to edit it and check the box to have the link open in a new page so the reader keeps this page open, too. And you have to be in editing mode on this page to start with, remember to “update” to save changes.

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