Quote of the Day: Side Quest

Ah the writer’s most treasured item. The side quest, the rabbit hole of research, or any task or reason to keep us “busy” so we don’t have to write. I am trying to get back on my blogging schedule; where I set up two weeks worth of posts and then any extra posts fit them. It has been a long time since I have managed to keep that schedule.

Cheers, james

Rededicating Time to Writing

So I am taking Pooh’s advice one more time and I am rededicating time and effort in my writing. I am taking time to seriously focus on writing, something I haven’t done since college and lots of free time. Or the time I did NaNo and Camp NaNo several years ago.

Once I figure out the order of my day, I should be able to write for two to three hours. Plus building time in for research and learning the craft. The dogs will make sure to keep me in touch with walks and exercise. Pretty sure they will let me know when it is time for lunch breaks.

This week starts my new chapter in life. Here is hoping I am up to the challenge. Cheers, james

Sweet Dreams Roxie,

Yesterday me and my hubby went to run errands. When we left we had three dogs; Roxie, my oldest, Gobby, my hubby’s dog, and Sophie, the dog we are dog sitting for friends. When we came home, we had two dogs. Roxie was dead in front of the couch. 

Roxie, my dear sweet baby, crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She would have been 11 years old in May. She has had health problems the last few years. I just didn’t think we would be saying  “Goodbye” so soon.

The picture is from when she was a puppy. She would sleep in under the covers until my hubby would get up. Then she would crawl out of bed looking like she was coming off a three day drinking binge. She never was a morning person. He would make breakfast and share a cup of coffee with her.

Gobby is 4, so he has always had Roxie around. He is picking up on our emotions and doesn’t know why she isn’t in the house or outside. Sophie has been with us since last May, but she doesn’t seem to understand or care that Roxie isn’t around.

We burried her this morning. So tell your loved ones how much they mean because tomorrow is never promised.

Cheers on this sad Sunday, james

Took this picture of a rainbow yesterday coming home. The Rainbow Bridge was open.

Quote of the Day: Inspiration

Warriors don’t always win, sometimes you have to make a strategic retreat. There is no dishonor in retreating. It just means you need to step back and look at the options. Decide if you really have to go over that hill or if you can manuever around it. Because it may serve you better to take several steps back and take another path.

Today will start a new path for me. The war was lost. However, it is time to call a retreat, regroup and look at my options. The closing of a chapter in one’s life does not mean the end of the story. Just the start of a new page and maybe a new story.

Cheers, james