Flat Tire Tales

Long ago before I started driving mine father sat me down in front of an old rickety half rotton two wheeled trailer. And said if you are going to drive you need to be able to change a tire. So he proceeded to place the jack under the trailer. And walked me through changing the tire. Once I got it off fighting for every inch I proudly beamed at him. And he smiles and said put it back on. And proceed to walk me through the lug tighten process in the star pattern. Oh and since you are doing so good do the other one. 

As a girl of 14 or so you can imagine the evil thoughts, and ill will I felt toward both mine father and that dirty nasty tire. Did I mention it was the trailer we used to clean stalls with. Yeah hot July or August day. 

Skip forward about 20 years and tonight (Wednesday) finds sitting in my car with it jacked up missing the back right tire. It went flat and a nice person stopped and pointed it out. I pulled off the road at the Post Office. Bless well lit and good paved parking lots. And proceeded to remove the jack and the Fire Chief drove up to get his mail. Needless to say he was very kind to help me out. (Thank you Mr. Bunny) He not only removed the nail from my tire, but plugged it too. I was able to safely drive home.And so ends my flat tire tale. 

Cheers, james


My creative writing has stalled, however I have been writing in my journal. Dreams, thoughts on our crazy election, hopes, daily events, anything that crossed my mind crossed my page. I have found when I journal my creative writing dies down. In fact I think I’ve blogged about this in the past. This is may or may not be a common thing with a lot of writers. I don’t know. This is the first year in a while where I have filled a journal and started a new one before the year was up. A new thing I started writing on the front and back of my pages. Using the fountain pens has increased my desire to write and the thicker journal paper is well suited to the fountain pen ink. 

I have a new journal I got for my birthday and I had thought about using it for bullet journaling. However the notebook I am currently using still has plently of space left so it isn’t an immediate need. And of course my first thought is new story. Except I have 4 stories already in progress. Sheesh I remember when I struggled to hold an idea past a couple of pages. Now I can’t seem to stick with one long enough to write the darn thing. That is another post for another day. 

Another thought I had is use it for a catch all story notes, plots, ideas, anything that catches my attention. Only problem with that is EVERY notebook I have serves this function to some degree or another. I did not mean for this to become a whine session. My aplogies. 

Cheers on this chilly evening and I will return to my normal blogging schedule on Thursday. james