We Did It!

We got the camper moved and set up. We ate our first meal and spending our first real night. The campground is nice; quiet and dark. Really pitch black dark, which means star watching will be amazing. The furbabies are settled down and snoozing. It was a long busy day for everybody. Tomorrow will bring unpacking, sorting and getting things settled.

Cheers and goodnight, james

Moving Day

Today is moving day. We will be pulling the camper from the driveway of the house to a local campgroup about 15 miles away. Then we’ll set up. Remembering to put the wheel chocks down Before you open up the slide out. I had to learn that lesson the hard way. I also banged my head trying to get out from under the slide out. Once everything is hooked up, plugged in, I’ll be coming back to get the furbabies. And viola instant home. At least I really, really hope it will be that simple.

Fingers crossed it all goes well. Cheers, james

I’ll let you guys know how it turns out. Wish me luck folks, I need all the help I can get.

A Page, A New Chapter

Meet Owl’s Fancy, our new home. A 27 foot 2007 Dutchmen camper.

Pretty soon, I will be moving from our house into a travel camper with my husband and two dogs. (Cue manical laughter) Seriously though, we are doing this to get a better grasp of what we want to and where we want to do it. We will be moving into a small campground that has full rv hookups available. Yay! No having to figure out the whole dumping tanks thing, at least not yet.

The campground is about 15 miles from our current location in Kenansville, North Carolina, about 45 miles from Wilmington. My husband says we live in a geographical anomalie because we are literally an hour from any decent sized city. Draw a triangle between Jacksonville, Goldsboro and Fayetteville, then stick your finger smack dab in the middle and you should be about on Kenansville. Duplin County at the very least. Pretty weird right.

We are keeping our day jobs and by cutting down on our expenses. We will hopefully grow a future allowing for our dreams. That is the plan at least, you are perhaps familar with the whole men and mice thing per Mr. Robert Burns. I cheated, I just looked it up. He actually used schemes instead of plans. In this situation, schemes may be the better choice. Ah well I will let you know how things go once we get started.

Cheers, james

P.S. if you have any advice, tips or quotes share them in the comments.

A Tale of Two Weres: Character Interviews

First page of Gisella’s Interview

This is the first of several pages of my interview with one of my secondary characters. Although I have to say the more time I spend with her, the more I like her. She has a story to tell, I really hadn’t thought of a second book. However it is becoming more and more likely. And I haven’t gotten into my actual story writing yet. Crazy writer walking.

Currently I have two character interviews and the more I write about my MMC, the more I hope something happens and either redeems his flaws or … Yeah I don’t know. We will have to wait and see.

I think I want to do one more interview with another secondary character that has popped up while trying to get a feel for the story. She is Caleb’s assistant, Paula. At first she seemed more his secretary, however I am getting the feeling he views her as an equal, his partner. Hmmm might be some romantic tension in play.

If you are curious about my process for conducting these “interviews”. I sit with my notebook and think of my character and then think of my question. Sometimes random tidbits pop in here and there, like the whole Area 51 thing. Gisella was chatty, while Cody was not. Like with most interviews, some questions are skipped over or completely ignored. Just be patient and open yourself up to your character. You never know what might be on their minds.

Cheers, james

Quote of the Day: Elizabeth Taylor

Sometimes writers forget just how much animals can become major players in their story. Robin McKinely’s Hero and the Crown, without the horse there wouldn’t have been a story. I highly recomend both The Hero and the Crown and The Blue Sword by Robin McKinely. She writes fantasy that appeal to both younger and older readers alike.

Hedwig in Harry Potter was as much a character as any of the rest. It is why her death hit readers so hard. Another is Old Yeller, this is perhaps one of the first tragedies, children of an older generation encountered.

Animals can bridge the gap and break the barrier between reader and writer. So could your story benefit from an animal character? Let me know what you think in the comments.

FYI, I believe Elizabeth Taylor was an interesting woman who lived life on her terms. This image and quote were just to perfect to pass up.

Cheers, james