The Hidden

I hear the pen callin’
The paper silently weeps,
Their author is missin’

But the knitting needles gloat,
The hand that writes has been hidden,
Transformed into the hand that knits.

Siren sings of the pattern that if discovered will end the strife between pen and needle, ending paper’s anguish.
I search and search and neither pen nor needle or paper’s plight can help me figure the hidden pattern of life.

(Never realized my knitting needles were petty and jealous)

Owl Story update

I decided to catch up my typing on Owl Story, while I mulled things over about what needs to happen vs. what is happening. One passage struck me as a “hey wait a minute that’s a mack truck sized plot hole”. Reading the several pages leading to it I typed my orignal. Then I included the rewritten and hopefully better passage. Funny thing is the second part has gone further than the original. Finally progress on something.

I like learning more about one character’s backstory, when she first appeared I didn’t know if she was good or bad or what. I am starting to think she will have a more active role than I originally planned. I’m pleased with the story’s current progression. Still have about three pages and change to catch everything up between the hard and digital copies.

I am starting to wonder about the wisdom of writing pen and paper, only to have to type it later. Although it quiets the need to edit and get one paragraph or page right before moving on. Pen and paper allows me the freedom of “I’ll fix it when I type it up” mentallity. And everybody tells you, first draft is getting the story on paper. Then your second and third draft, you edit, edit, and hopefully after all the ink, sweat, and tears a final copy is born.

Hope this chilly evening finds you well. Cheers, james

Secret Notes

Tired eyes, tired feet,
Meet secret notes that you leave,
And chases the weariness from my heart.

A smile and thought of your handsome face,
brightens my night and
a kiss for your lips.

A single note is all you wrote,
An expression of love, a beautiful
moment of tenderness.
To lighten my cares, and sweeten my mood.

Tired eyes, tired feet,
Meet secret notes that you leave.

Writing outside of your comfort zone

I read a post about reading outside your comfort zone. It made me think of my writing comfort zones, I tend to stay with pretty mundane sujects, Owl Story is a great example of my writing style. I crave a good story with a happy ending. Except for two semi-current projects most everything I’ve written has followed this path.

The first exception is “Saving Emilsa” a dark tale riffe with violence, sexual slavery and other very unsavory topics. I am unsure how this one will play out. Even if she makes it, I am not sure how she will overcome the emotional and mental scars that would result. I think part of my reluctance to work on this project stems from my fear things are not going to end happily. There is a project page for this one.

The second is a zombie project, (I don’t like zombies) marrying my love of bad shark movies and my husband’s love of zombie movies. Hence Zombie Shark was born? created? It is an attempt to fill in some of the shark/zombie movies plot holes. I started it as a screenplay, but I am switching back to story format. I did some research on the screenplay format and it is wildly different. You write from a visual “this what the audience is seeing” perspective. Incredible difficult, I have even more respect and admiration for these writers. Should it find a home on the B rate movie screen I’ll tranlate it then. Anyway these two projects are my comfort zone outsiders.

What projects or topics are outside your comfort zone?

Back to our regularly scheduled posting

Finally I finished up a non writing project that has kept me busy. I should be able to get back in the swing of working on my stories. I introduced my mom to my blog Saturday (hi mom). I think wordpress and all the great blogs out there may have sparked her interest. So we shall wait and see.

I am reading an interesting book called Kronos by Jeremy Robinson. The first two hundred and fifty pages were so-so but the author put a hellava twist on page two hundred and sixty. He has finally set the hook the book has kind of danced around. Well written and interesting, I’ll give a better review after I finish it.

Cheers on a late Sunday night, early Monday morning. james