The ten most valuable writing tips I’ve received

Well this is my second reblog in two days. Oh well I feel this is a great post by Dylan Hearn. He is an awesome writer and self published author. His book Second Chance sounds cool and like a good read.

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The internet is full of advice on how to write and it can be confusing and contradictory at times, especially when you are starting out. This isn’t because people like to give false advice but because each writer – and their writing process – is different. However, out of all the good advice I’ve received, these are the ones that have worked best for me. I hope by sharing them they will be of some help to you too.

1. Allow yourself to write poorly

Some days I find writing easy, some days it’s as if the language centre of my brain has decided to go on vacation, leaving my fingers to fend for themselves. However, even if I’m having one of the latter days I still write. It may be painful at the times, even more horrific when I read it back, but at least I have something on the page to…

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Update: Wrong Email!

To follow up on orginal reblogged post. Check it out. This is why we write remember to have our words touch the souls of others. Cheers, james

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Hi everyone!

It’s just come to my attention that the email provided for the free book giveaway was incorrect! Deepest apologies for anyone who tried to email me last night and couldn’t get through; the corrected email is now on the page. For reference, here it is again:

Apologies, and many thanks!


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Thought of the Week: Now That I’m Published…

Hey guys this is a great chance to pay it forward and show a new author some love. I will be emailing and tell you all about.
There is a correction for the email address to get a copy of the book.

Ps. I read the first two chapters and if they are anything to go on. This will be a good one.

Satis Writes

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had much to say here, and I’m sorry for that. I’ve been through one of the worst summers in recent memory in terms of battling my depression and possible bipolar diagnosis, and it’s been a daily struggle to even get out of bed. Work has been utterly exhausting, and in the little spare time I’ve had, I’ve tried desperately to dedicate myself to my book.

Having said that, I am still here, and I’m hoping to be around a little more than I have been lately. There was a time when I posted several times a week, and while I can’t quite commit to that level of activity yet, I would like to get back into the swing of things. I remember the wonderful feeling of knowing someone else has read your words, whether they be of hope or despair, and I of course…

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Falling rain

Here in Eastern North Carolina we are seeing some nice fall weather with enough of a rain drizzle to cozy up with a nice mug of hot earl grey and a good book. Although in a writer’s case a fresh sheet of paper, a sweet writing pen or a new document on the computer. I do have a slight confession to make, this type of weather makes me want to pick up my knitting too.

Many a cherished memory began with a day like today. It meant chicken and rice or if I was with MeMa and Pappy gizards and rice were on the menu for supper. It meant time spent on the front porch watching it rain with Pappy while he smoked. Hours curled on the couch listening to Grandaddy or Grandma talk about their lives growing up. I was so very blessed to have two wonderful caring sets of grandparents that made sure I knew I was well loved. Days like this meant Dad didn’t work outside and we would go places, the movies, the laundrymat, the bookstore, where ever we wanted or needed to go.

So on a perfectly lovely deary evening what do you yearn to do? Sip tea or coffee while you read, write that next page or start a new story, knit something warm and cozy, or sit quietly and listen to the world. Here’s to you and your own cherished memories and the places they can take you. Cheers, james

Monsters hiding in the dark

Driving to see my hubby at work tonight, I was struck by the play of the headlights on the shoulder of the road. I should have been paying attention to my driving and looking for the random bambi looking to be a roadside pancake. However I was letting my imagination run wild.

I could see in my writer’s eye a nebulous horrifying beast keeping pace with the car. The tail lights of the car ahead of me, illuminating its souless glowing red eyes and the flecks of slobber being flung from its gaping jaws. Chubacabra at first came to mind, rough scales dancing across a muscular body, long teeth and hideous snout finishing the head. Racing closer to the car and just before it leaped, I lost it. The car ahead of me had stopped to turn.

I searched the shadows for it on the way back home to no avail, the monster had disappeared back into the shadows from whence it came. Several times I caught the red glow of eyes in the dark and chills rattled my spine. The hunter was now the hunted. I stayed on the main road instead of taking the back way into town. First mistake made in every horror movie “let’s take the spooky less traveled path fit for monster, murders and pyschos”. I admit it not a horror movie fan. However who needs Hollywood monsters, when my imagination is chock full of ’em.

So now that I have shared my monster. Where does your writer’s eye see monsters? Just beyond the glow of your headlights, swimming in the murky depths, high above you in the night sky, or patiently waiting in the shadows?

Join Us in the Fight For Net Neutrality

An issue we all need to take a stand on. News

“Net Neutrality” is the simple but powerful principle that cable and broadband providers must treat all internet traffic equally. Whether you’re loading a blog post on, streaming House of Cards on Netflix, or browsing handcrafted tea cozies on Etsy, your internet provider can’t degrade your connection speed, block sites, or charge a toll based on the content that you’re viewing.

Net neutrality has defined the internet since its inception, and it’s hard to argue with the results: the internet is the most powerful engine of economic growth and free expression in history. Most importantly, the open internet is characterized by companies, products, and ideas that survive or fail depending on their own merit — not on whether they have preferred deals in place with a broadband service provider. Unfortunately, the principle of net neutrality, and the open internet that we know and love, is under attack.

Net Neutrality under…

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Book review-Paying it forward

Her Sanctuary by Toni Anderson

I downloaded a free copy of this book from Barnes and Noble for my nook.

This is a well written tale of intrique with just enough romance to soften the edges. The story begins in New York City and a woman on the run to the final showdown in Montana’s Big Sky Country. The point of view bounces between the main characters and Ms. Anderson handles it very skillfully.

I throughly enjoyed this first book of this series. If you like romantic mystery this is an author you should try.

History-Character Development

In writing, how much history do you give your characters? How much of their histories fuel their motivies, passions, obsessions, strengths,  or flaws?

The past is the whip driving my bad guy, fueling his desire for revenge. While my heros, the past is the burning flame that keeps them fighting. Fueling their hope, good will triumph evil and the battle will be won. Past regrets and choices haunt both sides, and only by raising above those ghosts will they suceed.

The youngest of my heros is also the one the past weighes heaviest. A prophecy to fullfil and self doubts about making the right decisions fuel her fear of failing. Especially since the other heros won’t speak of the past for fear of repeating it. And she is left fitting bits and pieces together. The only ones willing to speak about the prophecy are three shadows that are not able to directly influence the world. She questions their motives, even though they helped her the first time she met them. The past haunts these spectors as they must watch from the sidelines while things unfold. Hoping to right past wrongs and reclaim their honor. Of all my characters these three are the unknowns as they can tip the balance of the story.

I have tried to make all my characters  well rounded, although I have self doubts they are believable folks. I take heart in an Ernest Heminway quote: “Characters are cliches. I write about real people” (I hope I got that right) I continue to write and plan on following my story where it will take me. Cheers on a Monday night. james

Not feeling it …

I have reached an odd phase in my writing. I don’t feel it and normally writing excites my mind and my passions. However nothing interests me or is able to keep my attention. I am not blocked but just blah. 

I would say its the stress and strain of everyday normal life getting to me. However nothing is any worse than usual. 

I wrote these words several months ago. Thankfully the spell has passed. I don’t know what brought it on, but I don’t believe it was Writer’s Block. It was growing pains, a recharging of the batteries from the multiple stories I have under pen. I also think I was fighting a sinus head cold/hay fever etc. Anyway the feeling has passed and I am back writing.

I am still working on my two major projects and have added two smaller projects and a movie screenplay. Don’t get excited it’s just me spreading out my wings and trying something new. Although believe me, you folks will hear me shouting if anything comes of it. The old man in the moon will be able to hear me if it works. So stay tuned in and when you get that restless feeling don’t worry it’s just you growing your skilks. And if you get that itchy restless feeling, it maybe time for a change of scenery or it might mean you have a case of athlete feet.  

Cheers, james

Inspiration & Training Your Brain

A lot of my stories have their beginnigs in my dreams and nightmares. I try to write as much of them as I rember, only sometimes the pen takes on a life of its own. The ink flows and a story develops on the page, no longer the dream but a living breathing story with its own merrit. I feel like I am cheating when this happens because the story was served up on the proverbial silver platter instead of being birthed on a sheet of paper with much gnashing of teeth, sweat, tears, and ink splatter. And I think I’m an idiot and just should get back to the writing, counting my blessings my subconscious was on the job working its magic.

Lots of writers mention the importance of the subconscious working with the conscious mind on the current writing project. This double process works to keep the writer fully engaged in the writing process, even when they aren’t writing. I admit when I first read about this from Mr. Lawrence Block I was skeptical of how to train your mind to work on writing when you aren’t writing. Then surprise, surprise, I read a similar idea from Mr. Stephen King too. Well sir, if those two gentlemen in two wholly seperate genres could voice the same notion maybe perhaps a mind could be trained. (I am still working out the how of training. However york pepermint patties are not a good training tool. Gave me nightmares.)

So far my process has been to review the story I am working on if no other inspiration strikes. Sometimes a problem resolves itself or I am able to write several more pages. Then there are the nights when the story keeps bugging me, but my brain is mush. I keep the story whirling in my head before I go to sleep, and thoughts or ideas work their way through my drifting, disconnected brain. If the thought is strong enough I’ll write it down otherwise I let ’em drift, mingle and in the morning I have the essence of the night’s exercises.

I have found only one draw back to this method o’maddness; I know when its 4:30 and my brain has finished and ready for my conscious brain’s attention, because nothing but 6 am will let my conscious brain get back to sleeping. Of course the blooming alarm goes off and you gotta take the hound out and start the workday. Lovely isn’t it. As I said still working on the process of brain writing training. Cheers, james