New Writing Set Up

When I started this blog, I wrote primarily from my smart phone. Then I got a tablet that worked with my keyboard and I used that too. Now, the tablet is old and cranky, it is running Android 7, and randomly closes whatever app I have open. I still mainly use my phone, but the tablet is nice because well bigger screen and real keyboard.

So I have invested in the Lenovo Duet Chromebook. It set up pretty much like any other Android based system. The Chromebook, however, is running the Chrome OS and I am not tech savy enough to know what differences that might entail. I am sure there are more tech knoweledgable folks that have reviewed the Duet and dig into the inner workings. As for me, I am happy to have something that won’t shut down while I am in the middle of reading, blogging or whatever.

First big difference between my old tablet and the Duet is screen size. I was using an 8 inch Lenovo tablet, while the Duet has a 10 inch screen. Big difference those two inches. (Cue snickering) Next is the keyboard. It is small and rather flat compared to my Nook Keyboard. The Nook Keyboard was almost a full size keyboard minus the number pad. The keyboard on the Duet also functions as the screen protector/cover. Thus far it isn’t causing too much of a difference other than I can reach all the keys that I maybe can’t quite reach on a normal sized keyboard. I may take a typing test to see what my speed is up too.

Then there is the speed, the Duet is lightening fast. Even when my old tablet was brand new it wasn’t this fast. That is due to the 4 gigs of Ram and the 128 gigs of solid state memory. It is so beyond what my old tablet had with 1 gig of Ram and 32 gigs of memory. I’m not sure the amount of Ram on my laptop and which is the faster.

I know which is the lighter of the two and the more portable. I still love my laptop and for some tasks there is no question of which is better suited. So I am hoping to get in lots of writing with this new set up. However as I am writing this in April and my last blog post was April 1st. I don’t know how true that statement really will turn out to be.

Cheers, james

Camp NaNo

Happy April 1st, 2021

Welcome to the first day of Camp NaNo. As you can see the NaNo Rhino is hard at work on plotting plot or perhaps plot holes. I applaud you for taking the time and putting in the effort to make your story your own.

Now quit wasting time reading blog posts when you should be settling in to the cabins and getting those words flowing. Best of luck. May your words never flow faster than your pen can write or your fingers type.

Cheers, james

Quote of the Day: Douglas Preston

Something to remember when writing believable characters, every hero isn’t all good and every villain isn’t all bad. There are degrees of good and evil in everyone.

One of the writing books I have read included a parable. A young man sitting with his grandfather talking about good vs evil. Grandfather tells the grandson, within every person there are two wolves. A white wolf and a black wolf who are endlessly locked in battle. The grandson asks which wolf wins. Grandfather says it depends on which wolf you feed by your actions. Sometimes the white wolf wins, sometimes the black wolf wins.

Far be it for me to argue with Grandfather, however, I would suggest the existence of a third wolf. A grey wolf. A wolf for the times when life isn’t as clear cut as we would like. A way to explain why a person would chose one action over another.

Let me know what you think. Cheers, james

Book Review: Singapore Sapphire by A. M. Stuart

I picked this book up off of the Libby App, an ebook loan service run through the library. I started it about 12 pm that afternoon and I finished it at 1:30 am that night. I could not put this book down.

Ms. Stuart writes a well told, emersive story set in the 1910s of Singapore. It is one part travel log, one part historical, and two parts mystery. It is a wonderful first book with a heroine that isn’t the norm. The best part of this story is the characters, well rounded people with flaws, quirks, and personality. Her descriptions of Singapore make you feel as if you are really there. The oppressive humidity, the bugs, the smells of a city, are used to create a living backdrop for the story to play out.

It is a murder mystery but it so much more than that. It is a look at people and the lengths they will go to for love, greed, and everything else that motivates mankind.

What are you reading? Drop me a comment. I am trying to expand my reading horizons. Cheers, james

Happy Anniversary: 7 years

Seven years ago I started this blog. Today I have readers the world over and almost 300 hundred folks have chosen to come along on this journey. The past seven years have been a wild and wonderful ride. So much has changed since I published my first post.

Thank you to my wonderful readers and friends the world over. The journey is far from over. Here is to another seven years and many more besides. Cheers, james