Quote of the Day: Eoin Colfer

And I would advise keep a writing notebook to safekeep ideas and interesting tidbits. I write down lots of stuff. Fortune cookie fortunes, news items, things I saw or dreamed up, writing practice, etc.

Cheers, james


Pen Review: Jinhao 559

New pen, new year. Okay maybe not exactly, I got it the last week or so of December. I like this pen. It writes well, even in a fine nib. Unlike the Jinhao 992, the 559 is long enough so I don’t pop the cap off when I post it. The price was incredibly cheap, I purchased it from Wish.

I currently have it inked with Diamine Aqua Blue. I haven’t had any problems with it hard starting or being finicky. I haven’t had to change out the ink and clean the yet. Other than its intial clean before inking it. I have left it along for several days and it starts writing as soon as the nib touches paper.

The paper I have been using is my journal that has fountain pen friendly paper. And the Staple Arc dis bound notebook. Both are thicker papers and have handled both extra fine and medium nib fountain pens well. I have not tried it on regular copy paper as this is a home pen and not a everyday carry pen. I am still leery of toting plastic pens around and having a catastrophic failure of the inky kind.

Jinhao 559 fine nib inked with Diamine Aqua Blue on Staples Arc paper

There is one issue that I really hadn’t noticed about the 559. It is a Lamy Vista copy. Some folks dislike using clones or copies. However when I ordered it I didn’t know anything about the Vista. It was only after watching and old Goulet Pen review of Noodler’s Black ink that I saw a Vista. So I leave you to your own decision. If you don’t mind a copy the 559 is a great writer for a small price.

Cheers, james

Over 200 Readers & Friends

Dear Friends,

We have grown to over 200 strong. Thank you for coming to hang out as we wonder the path of life. My first blog post included a quote.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

So far this journey has spanned over five years and countless posts. So much has changed in the world and in myself over these five years. 2018 was crazy year but we made it. The planet is still here despite the worst laid plans of tyrants and idiots. Here’s to a great 2019.

Cheers, james