Project Notebook

Giving anyone the tools to write and spread the love of stories.

Lofty ambition I know, so you are thinking “and james how pray tale are you going to do this?”

Glad you asked. By making pocket sized blank booklets and leaving them in expected and suprising places. Libraries, bookstores, coffee shops would fall in the Expected locations, after obtaining permission from either owner or management of course. Unexpected locations I am still working on.

I recently started learning how to make books, still a whole lot more to learn. However I have figured out that by using a large sketch pad and folding and cutting the paper you can manage a decent sized 12 sheet or 24 paged booklet. I am still working out how to mak a decent cover for them. For most folks 24 pages isn’t much, but for someone new to writing it is a less imidating size. This is just to get someone to dip their toes in the writing pool, not the ones swimming in the deep end.

So what do you think? Good idea, silly idea, ideas for locations, want some booklets of your own. Cheers, james