When I write time disapears, I think I have been writing five maybe ten minutes and I look at the clock and two hours have passed. Am I the only one that this happens too?

When I am writing I get in the Zone and the magic happens and two or three hours have passed and the family come hunting me to make sure I haven’t a) fallen asleep in the bathtub and drowned, b) crawled out of my bedroom window and ran away (very tempting sometimes) c) died and my dog eaten me or d) the normal above mentioned dog needs to go out and is running around doing the “mommy gotta go potty” dance. Cause everybody in the world knows mommies must take lil young’uns to the potty or bad things happen. Nevermind there are 2 count ’em 2 fully capable people to take the Rock Hound out. Nope gotta be mommy cause she is in the middle of something “Important” and that makes it better. Of course I would rather take her out than for her to have an oopsy.

Just wanted to air my concerns about time loss and see if I am the only one in this boat. Cheers, james

Upgrades? Did I miss something?

Strange it looks kinda like my blog, has my blog posts but it sure don’t act like my blog!

Okay guys, seriously what gives? What did I miss in the last week cause things don’t look the same as I left them. I went straight into an active blog post screen instead of the usual stop to chose what type of post I want. Hey don’t think I am complaining cause I’m not. Just taken by suprise and you know how us writers are. We don’t like suprises Unles we are the ones behind it.

Funny little joke I read: How many mystery writers does it take to change a burned out light bulb? ( I will let you ponder that and I will leave the answer at the bottom of the post.)

From what I have noticed the changes are nice and more streamlining the whole process. And the nice calming blue color is soothing to a scatterbrain like me. Although a nice shade of light green would rock simply because green is one of my fave colors.

Answer: It takes one to put the new bulb in and secure it almost all the way so a second can put a final twist on it.

Joke is from last month’s edition of Carolina Country electical co-opt magazine. A niffty little bonus of belonging to an electrical co-opt. Okay I guess I have pondered that which I wanted to say.

Good Sunday evening and hope you have a great week ahead. Cheers, james