The Sex-Writing Exercise

I found this neat post and wanted to share her challenge. Her incredible attention to detail is inspiring. Hope you enjoy her post and swing by her blog. Cheers, james

Ah, memories. Tonight they are specifically about how putting words to anything to do with sex used to be a lot more awkward than it is right now. Speaking or writing about sex, even when it was just to myself, made me feel guilt, shame, not the good kind of dirty, and a wide range of other uncomfortable things. I used to tell myself writing less explicitly merely left more to the imagination. Now I’ve grown somewhat older, wiser, and a whole lot more comfortable with myself, I’ve come to one conclusion: that it is a huge load of donkey shit.

There is nothing remotely sexy about describing elaborate sexual activity as “and he fucked me senseless”. It leaves it up to everybody else to come up with exactly how such an event transpires and honestly, people can do that without that one miserable little sentence. It both triggers and…

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