Not Another Creative Writing Blog!

A brand new blog, a new member of the writing blog gang. There is some great writing and plenty of humor. Let’s show some love.

Your Writing Mentor

I’m writing this blog because there are no blogs out there about creative writing. No place for the writer to turn to help with writing blocks, snags, crunch points.

Yeah, sure. Pop “creative writing” in your browser and stand back for the deluge. So why read mine instead of or even in addition to all the others out there?

I’m writing it because no one else has my unique insights into the craft of fiction.

Closer to the truth, if arrogant. Because who blogs with the view that they’re going to regurgitate stuff that’s already out there? Who doesn’t believe they have a unique perspective that the rest of the world is dying to access? Why am I going to be any different? I have something to say and the blog is a convenient, current way to say it.

So, yes, come along for this ride and you will be…

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2 thoughts on “Not Another Creative Writing Blog!

  1. Hi and thanks. My inbox told me I needed to “moderate” your comment and I went “moderate? It sounded pretty moderate to me….” So learning the ropes here. Will Follow you, since I figured out what that means.

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