Hurricane Dorian

For all my dear readers and friends in the path or have been in the path of Hurricane Dorian. Be safe and we shall meet again on the other side of the storm.

Eastern North Carolina is currently battling the outer bands of Dorian. Power has knocked off and thankfully came back on. Wind is picking up and the rain is still pretty easy going. There have been tornado watches and warnings all over from Myrtle Beach S.C. to Virigina Beach VA. The area south east of us are getting a harder brush than we are currently. I have been hearing the fire sirens going off, probably responding to wrecks and trees on the roads.

According to Noaa and the Weather Channel we should get the “main” event sometime this evening/tonight and Friday morning. It should all be cleared out by Friday evening. Then the weekend and first of next week will be cooler and sunny. Go figure.

Be safe my friends and we’ll meet again in the sunshine. james

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