Clearing my mind

I have reached page 20 typed of Owl Story only I have 65 1/2 pages handwritten. Oh well I got to handwritten page 63 so couple more pages and I will be caught up again. 

I have started a couple other stories besides my main two. Although they are still pretty sketchy in the story details. I am not sure having mulitple stories going is really good for me or the stories. 

I grilled supper tonight, oh it turned out well. Two small sale pork tenderloins and a sliced chicken breast. I cheated I didnt make any sides to go with the meat. Hubby doesn’t know so its alright. He will have a salad with the meat so it won’t effect him negatively.

Trying get back in the swing of posting something even if I am just rambling. I tried to talk about writing.

Oh by the by I am reading The Liar’s Companion by Lawrence Block. I have read several of his other writing books. It is pretty good, especially if you get the three books for $12, the name escapes me. But search Barnes and Noble for his books and you’ll see them. Cheers,


Comments and feedback are welcome! I will read and resond to you.

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