Weird Dreams

I think my subconscious is plotting a new story or working kinks out of a current project. Why would I think that? You ask. Because my dreams have been weird lately. And when my dreams get that way I write them down. Sometimes during the recording, those dream fragments take on new life and become a story. As to where the dream last night goes or fits I don’t know, yet. 

Lawrence Block writes in several of his books on writing about “training your brain”, namely your subconscious to develop plots while you sleep. Hmmm love this idea. He theorizes if you devour books and authors you have a passion for you can develop mental memory of how that type of story is put together.

For example romance, back in the day I would read four and five romance novels at a time. I trained my brain on what elements make a romance novel a romance novel. And as I result my writing has some of tbe romance flavor to it. Or it feels that way. Now I read more fantasy and mystery and those elements are slowly blending into my writing. As my writing is influenced so to are my dreams. I do wonder how long it takes to train a brain.

So I am off to see what strange journey my brain has in store tonight. Cheers, james

Inspiration & Training Your Brain

A lot of my stories have their beginnigs in my dreams and nightmares. I try to write as much of them as I rember, only sometimes the pen takes on a life of its own. The ink flows and a story develops on the page, no longer the dream but a living breathing story with its own merrit. I feel like I am cheating when this happens because the story was served up on the proverbial silver platter instead of being birthed on a sheet of paper with much gnashing of teeth, sweat, tears, and ink splatter. And I think I’m an idiot and just should get back to the writing, counting my blessings my subconscious was on the job working its magic.

Lots of writers mention the importance of the subconscious working with the conscious mind on the current writing project. This double process works to keep the writer fully engaged in the writing process, even when they aren’t writing. I admit when I first read about this from Mr. Lawrence Block I was skeptical of how to train your mind to work on writing when you aren’t writing. Then surprise, surprise, I read a similar idea from Mr. Stephen King too. Well sir, if those two gentlemen in two wholly seperate genres could voice the same notion maybe perhaps a mind could be trained. (I am still working out the how of training. However york pepermint patties are not a good training tool. Gave me nightmares.)

So far my process has been to review the story I am working on if no other inspiration strikes. Sometimes a problem resolves itself or I am able to write several more pages. Then there are the nights when the story keeps bugging me, but my brain is mush. I keep the story whirling in my head before I go to sleep, and thoughts or ideas work their way through my drifting, disconnected brain. If the thought is strong enough I’ll write it down otherwise I let ’em drift, mingle and in the morning I have the essence of the night’s exercises.

I have found only one draw back to this method o’maddness; I know when its 4:30 and my brain has finished and ready for my conscious brain’s attention, because nothing but 6 am will let my conscious brain get back to sleeping. Of course the blooming alarm goes off and you gotta take the hound out and start the workday. Lovely isn’t it. As I said still working on the process of brain writing training. Cheers, james

Clearing my mind

I have reached page 20 typed of Owl Story only I have 65 1/2 pages handwritten. Oh well I got to handwritten page 63 so couple more pages and I will be caught up again. 

I have started a couple other stories besides my main two. Although they are still pretty sketchy in the story details. I am not sure having mulitple stories going is really good for me or the stories. 

I grilled supper tonight, oh it turned out well. Two small sale pork tenderloins and a sliced chicken breast. I cheated I didnt make any sides to go with the meat. Hubby doesn’t know so its alright. He will have a salad with the meat so it won’t effect him negatively.

Trying get back in the swing of posting something even if I am just rambling. I tried to talk about writing.

Oh by the by I am reading The Liar’s Companion by Lawrence Block. I have read several of his other writing books. It is pretty good, especially if you get the three books for $12, the name escapes me. But search Barnes and Noble for his books and you’ll see them. Cheers,