Last day of 3 Quotes in 3 Days

Thank you skybluedaze for sending this challenge my way. It has been so fun. And so much fun spreading the challenge around to other great bloggers. Since this my last day I wanted to finish on a high note.

Life is like a shiny new coin. You can spend it however you want. But you can only spend it once.

This quote is taken from an email ending and I don’t know who said it, but I love it. For us as normal everyday people this proves incrediblely true, as writers not so much. We live a thousand lifetimes everytime we let our imagination run wild. Writers are blessed in being able to see the world a little differently.

Love the life you live, live the life you love.    -Bob Marley

Nuff said and so ends my challenge. My nominations are listed below.

Opus Magnus, found his blog the other day. He was quoting Neil Gainman and extolling the virtues of fountain pens.

The Incidentalist is also a new blog. Let’s show some love.

The Renegade Press words from the wolf’s mouth.

Check them out they are well worth the time. Cheers, james

Comments and feedback are welcome! I will read and resond to you.

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