I am a few days late on this post. NaNoWriMo started November 1. I would like to say “Go get ’em writers.”

To the folks standing on the outside looking in, “You can do this. Writing is letting the emotions and story in your soul out in a physical manifesation.”

To all of you I wish you the very best. May your words come fast and furious, your plots ride dragons into battle and your fingers not cramp.

Cheers and Happy NaNo. Now go put your fingers to writing. james

Last day of 3 Quotes in 3 Days

Thank you skybluedaze for sending this challenge my way. It has been so fun. And so much fun spreading the challenge around to other great bloggers. Since this my last day I wanted to finish on a high note.

Life is like a shiny new coin. You can spend it however you want. But you can only spend it once.

This quote is taken from an email ending and I don’t know who said it, but I love it. For us as normal everyday people this proves incrediblely true, as writers not so much. We live a thousand lifetimes everytime we let our imagination run wild. Writers are blessed in being able to see the world a little differently.

Love the life you live, live the life you love.    -Bob Marley

Nuff said and so ends my challenge. My nominations are listed below.

Opus Magnus, found his blog the other day. He was quoting Neil Gainman and extolling the virtues of fountain pens.

The Incidentalist is also a new blog. Let’s show some love.

The Renegade Press words from the wolf’s mouth.

Check them out they are well worth the time. Cheers, james

3 Quotes, 3 Days Challenge: Day 2

The Muse’s friend, Tea, does our fancy aid;
Repress those vapors which the head invade;
And keeps that palace of the soul serene….
~Edmund Waller, “Of Tea”

I found this awesome quote on
I feel it acurately describes the relationship a writer develops with tea. Coffee is super good and pretty undemanding in the making. Tea, however, requires the maker to actively partipate in the making. From boiling the water, cooling it slightly, warming the cup, adding the tea, bag or infuser, and letting them meld in harmony. However woe can strike in over steeped bitter tea. Tea like writing is very much a ritual. My tea and writing rituals may be different from yours but they bring us to the same destinations. A perfect cup of a tea and words on the page, or computer screen.

I was nominated for the 3 quotes, 3 days challenge by skybluedaze. I urge you if you haven’t visited mosey on over. I don’t believe you’ll be disappointed. Now back to making my tea. 🙂

It seems I forgot to nominate anyone yesterday so I will double up to catch up.

Julie Allan, this is a super cool lady from South Carolina. She puts the lady back in “southern lady”.

Satis, this fellow is working on a cool sci-fi fantasy trilogy. I am reading book one and it is awesome.

Lily, my Canadian friend at One Thousand and Two. She writes a mean flash fiction on her group Friday Fictioneers.

The Queen of Blank or the Caffeinated Writer. She writes a neat blog about a lil bit of everything.

This next blogger is one I have been following for a fairly short time but have enjoyed it.

And last but certainly not least, 6 monkeys and a frog. This is a new blog but so much promise of good things to come.

I hope you check out one or maybe all of afforementioned blogs. Each one is a unique take on writing and they all have good things to say. I have enjoyed reading their posts and count them among wordpress friends. Cheers, james

3 Quotes, 3 Days Challenge

Thank you skybluedaze for nominating me for this challenge. If you haven’t visited this blog, do yourself a favor and hurry on over and check it out.

You don’t have to be great to get started. But you have to get started to be great.
-Les Brown

This quote is all over my computer, my phone, doodled on scrap paper on and around my writing space. It reminds me that all my heros got started the exact same way I am doing it now. Every single one had a “real” job that paid the bills while madly scribbling away in the back room or the car or the bus, or train. Believing for all they were worth they would become Writers. Doubt plagued them, but that leads into my second quote.

Sucessful writers are amateur writers that didn’t quit.

So if Tolken could take 14 years to write the Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and The Silmerian. I think I can keep putting word after word on the page. And be inspired by my heros, because they refused to give up and so do I. Somedays the words don’t flow fast and furious, but the times when it happens it is all the sweeter.

In closing this is a bastardized quote of Gaston Bachelard. I have condensed what he said and don’t think anything was lost in translation.

The blank page gives the pen the right to dream.

Because if we don’t allow ourselves and our voice freedom, how can we touch the world.

Cheers, james