The Dirt Bike Knight part 5

“My beloved queen will you walk the gardens with me?” George winked at her.

“I would love to my king.”

Race was baffled, what the hell? Talk about your 180s. The king escorted the queen out of the room. Race shook his head. He glanced at the princess.

“Sorry about that, they always go loveydovey after a fight. I can’t imagine going from so mad you could roast something to that. I’m starved, wanna get your chow on?”

“Sure, I guess. Portland can wait.” He followed her down a hallway into a huge kitchen.

“Who is Portland and why are they so important?” She gathered a plate with fruit, cheese, bread, meat and some jars. She flopped down at the high bar. He sat across from her. She pushed the plate between them.

“Portland is a place, not a person. And I have to meet my grandparents there. They flew in from out of town.”

“Try the plum sauce on the duck. It is to die for.” She handed him a spoon and pointed to a small jar.

“So what are grandparents? Are they dragons too, silly, they must be how else would they fly.”

“They are my dad’s parents. He’s long gone, but they were always there for me. This is really good, I’ve never tried duck before. No they are flying on a commerical airplane.”

“What kind of animal is that?”

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