Random Thoughts

With a sad heart, I must tell you my favorite ink pen has written its last. After numerous pages of notes, two seperate story ideas, several pages on dreams, the ink is gone.  However all hope is not lost because I have its twin within easy reach. And that means a trip to Dollar Tree for writing supplies. Yay! 

I understand most folks never keep up with or use up the ink in their pens so you are going “yep she has flipped her lid. Stick the proverbal fork in her, cause she is done.”

Haha is my response because at least I have known the pleasures of pressing pen tip to paper and watch the ink flowing across the page. Don’t knock it til you try it. Cause you might find you’re enjoying yourself. I think it has been a long week and I could be just a tad punch drunk. Oh well till Sunday night’s post. A most wonderful weekend to you all. 

Writing vs. Typing

Quick question: When you write how do you do it? Handwritten first on paper or typing on a computer.

My answer is I hand write then I type and apply the spit shine. The feel of a good writing pen gliding over a fresh blank sheet of paper lifts my spirits no matter how crappy the day or even how good the day. Writing just feels good and putting pen to papper even more so. The one fly in the cream is my handwriting, it is a terrible mismash of print and cursive. I have tried re-teaching myself handwriting but it never sticks.

I have a love affair with pens and paper. A trip to Staples or Office Max or Office Despot always lifts my spirits. Usually those trips are to look and drool over new pens, neat looking paper, notebooks or journal, and all the other awesome stuff they cram in those stores.

Most of the time I buy my writing supplies from the local Dollar Tree. Then I don’t feel guilty splurging on cute solar dancing animals and bless them for the stock of pens and packs of yellow legal pads without margins. All of which can be had for the nominal sum of $1.00.

Bless you wonderful folks at Dollar Tree!

So that’s my dollar’s worth of comentary.