Postcard writing prompts

My mom was telling me over the holidays she wants to start creative writing. I suggested she start a journal and check out the wordpress writing blogs gang. (You folks know who you are) She mentioned taking a couple of writing classes and I asked her why. She said she didn’t think she was creative enough. I told her she had creativity, because she had written the start of a story. A murder mystery using a red leather stilletoe high heel shoe. Anybody that would see that as a weapon has creativity and sees out of the box. I think of high heels as torture devices. So ……

On my way home yesterday, I thought what if she received a postcard with a message. I wondered if it would fuel her creativity and her curiousity. Then I started thinking what if a group of writers from the world over took turns writing prompts and story bits on postcards and mailing them to another writer. Fun, right? I decieded to research if anyone had set up something similar and I found a website called “postcrossing”. You sign up and request a randomly assigned address and you mail them a postcard. Then you receive a postcard from someone and you get another address and so forth. I thought it was a neat idea. So now I am wondering if writing prompt postcards would be a neat thing to try or if old fashioned pen writing has died.

So dear readers what do you think?