Writer’s Guilt

Once upon a summer ago I took part of Camp NaNoWriMo and I was so focused on my writing I lost track of the “mundane world” ie reality. Camp is here again and I would like to participate and yet part of me says “Are you Crazy?”. I love writing and it fulfills a part of me whether I am writing for work, creative writing or journaling. Even doodling words on paper fulfills that need. Yet I feel guilty when I focus on my writing and let the “mundane world” go. This letting go affects every aspect of my life. It is as if my brain has switched to auto pilot for that part of my life and becomes so wrapped up in writing that the writing becomes my life. 

I have better control when I am journaling and writing for work. Creative writing however controls me, and I feel so guilty that I stop writing. Until I can’t stand it anymore and I turn it loose and then the cycle repeats. Am I crazy? Am I the only one that feels guilty writing and living in my make believe world? 

Thoughts to ponder this warm summer evening. Cheers, james