Back to our regularly scheduled posting

Finally I finished up a non writing project that has kept me busy. I should be able to get back in the swing of working on my stories. I introduced my mom to my blog Saturday (hi mom). I think wordpress and all the great blogs out there may have sparked her interest. So we shall wait and see.

I am reading an interesting book called Kronos by Jeremy Robinson. The first two hundred and fifty pages were so-so but the author put a hellava twist on page two hundred and sixty. He has finally set the hook the book has kind of danced around. Well written and interesting, I’ll give a better review after I finish it.

Cheers on a late Sunday night, early Monday morning. james

WordPress app

Too cool for school. I don’t think I have mentioned that I downloaded the wordpress app. It is so easy to keep up with blogs I follow and even better posting to my own blog since my phone is my primary blogging tool. Yes, I have a laptop or I could borrow the hubby’s nook, but here on my phone the internet connection is always ready to go. So call me lazy, I am sure lots of folks blog via their phones.

Anyway, I was having some trouble with saving a post and I finally got it unfroze. Unhappily I lost the post but realized there was an update. So I have updated and trying it out again. Hopefully the update will cure the earlier hicupp I had.

Here’s to you on this pleasant first day of October, blog via any and all means at your disposal. Cheers, james