NaNo Update: Week 2

First I would extend aplogies for posting late this week. Secondly I thank each and every person for giving me the opportunity to touch you as you all have touched me.

Word count: 7,800
My second week of NaNo hasn’t been as good as I’d hoped. Time scheduled for writing was usurped handling family issues. I’m sure I am not where near alone in this. And moments spent writing were not as productive as the previous week. I am thrilled to say I written everyday this month, even if for only a moment or two. I am torn between two methods, on my phone in brief sessions and handwriting the rest of the time.

I am coming to the conclusion I need a better method without backtracking. The stuff I write on the phone I later write on paper so I lose time there, plus I keep a line count of word totals. So that is time consuming. My normal method is to write to astopping point and go back and count my words up.

I have been looking at some of the writing apps to put on my phone and my android tablet to sync back and forth. I keeping wondering if one called Writer would work but a review said they accidently deleted a huge chunk of stuff by tapping clipboard. Others reviews said lost their work, etc. I had planned to type using my windows tablet but the phone is handier. I also use it regularly to blog, and never worry about having or finding a wifi signal.

Here is to you dear readers, writers and everyone else in the blogosphere. Cheers,