Wing Sung 3008 Update

I wrote about my mint green Wing Sung 3008 and mentioned I had ordered another one. Well the gold one was for the hubby. I inked it up with Noodler’s Red-Black. He likes both the pen and the size and he loves the color. Double win for the wife!

So my Wing Sung has been used pretty much everyday since I got it. No complaints and no problems. I have almost used up the first ink fill up of the Monteverde Califorina Teal. I know, I know I cheated by dumping the Aubergine I first tried.

So now to decide what to ink it with now. My choices are Aubergine, Noodlers Black Swan with English Roses, Black Swan with Australian Roses and Pilot Irishoki Ku-Jaku. I also have a bottle of Diamine Emerald, although I haven’t been impressed with it since I tried it. It was my first non black ink and my first Goulet Pens purchase.

I am in love the Noodlers Black Swan with English Roses and I think a bottle is on my list of to purchase. I have used it for note taking at a work training event this week. Very nice and well behaved ink in an extra fine nib and a regular legal pad. No problems with bleed through, although I had a piece of cardstock under the page I would write on. Just in case it didn’t want to behave.

Cheers on this lovely Valentine’s evening. I hope you and your loved ones have a spectacular time. james

Pen Review: Wing Sung 3009 Mint Green Fine Nib

Wing Sung 3009 fine nib fountain pen inked with Monteverde California Teal

Wow! I purchased this pen cause I had heard a lot of folks talking about how good a pen and the ink capacity of this bad boy. This is another Wish pen purchase, a single mint green fine nib piston filler fountain pen. The pen itself was priced at $2 plus another $2 for shipping. So $4 bucks for a nice hefty plastic pen that looks awesome.

The suction to pull the ink up is strong and holds quite a bit of ink. I was leery about the horror stories of reviewers that accidentally twisted the piston while posting or taking the cap off and torrential ink spill.

Fingers crossed, I played with it all last night, capping it and posting it, writing and doodling with it. It maybe the piston on my pen is a lot stiffer than others or possibly because it is new. The piston makes a click sound when it is locked in place. I didn’t have any trouble with the cap moving or twisting as I wrote with it. My biggest problem is remembering it is a screw top pen, not a pull top like my others.

The nib on this pen writes better than any of my other pens. I thought they wrote really well until this pen. This nib just glides across the page. No feedback, no pressure, just a nice smooth flow of ink. It lays down a nice line that is a lot bolder than the other fine nib I have. So I am not sure if that is normal. It’s inked with De Artementus Aubergine since I couldn’t get my Monteverde California Teal bottle open. I got it open and filled then took the picture. I had to see my fave ink in this pen. I love the way the clear feed looks with the green ink.

The pen writes well on my journal paper and the Staples Arc notebook. I took it to work today and used it on regular copy paper. One plus is it didn’t bleed through any of the papers I tried it on. It writes better on better quality paper. Although I am pretty sure this is most to all fountain pens. I did figure out if I put a piece of card stock under the page I was writing on it wrote better.

If you are willing to risk losing your heart to a fountain pen this is one to try. I just ordered a second one, with a possible third. If I can get my mom to try it out. She hasn’t cared for the grip section of the other pens I have. This one I think she will like, I hope. Fingers crossed.

Cheers on this dark chilly evening, james