A new ….

Tonight is the fourth day of a new month. I don’t know where the previous five months went, but here’s to hoping June stays a little longer. This also marks no writing progress this month. I haven’t looked at or touched my notebooks and pad since the twenty something of May.

I realized this morning I have fallen into a trap. I was thinking about stuff I needed to work on today. Writing was placed on the list and the voice in my head rebuffed me. “Shame on you, you have certain obligations and writing isn’t one right now.” Aha! The light bulb clicked on, I have been masking my non writing with my writing excuses. Things like you should working on work stuff, spending more time with the hubby ( this is a legit need), spending more time with family (hmmm this is in front of the tv, I smell a rat), etc. all clamoring for that sacred time. I used to set aside two hours after my shower and before bed on the nights my hubby works. And somehow that time disappeared, spent in front of the tv to keep my uncle company.

So tonight I hope to turn a new beginning and retake my writing time back.

Cheers to you on this stormy Thursday night, james