Wild Wind

The wind is wild tonight. Trees are whipping and moaning. The power lines spark when they slap together. All in all a nasty night for man and beast. And yet there is something that calls to me from the wild heart of the storm. A call echoed about within my soul. Dear tempest do you know how you temp me? Calling me to embrace the fiece wild wind. No, I thought not. I don’t understand it either. 

Cheers on a windy night. Be smart and stay safe. james

Waiting Game

Eastern North Carolina is currently waiting and bracing for Hurricaine Mathew. They say the storm should pass off our coast be swing back out to sea. I hope they are right. We have been drenched the last couple of weeks and it wouldn’t take much to make a right mess of things. 

Sitting outside righr now, the wind is starting to pick up. Its gentle and playful mood hides the coming storm. Our hearts and thoughts go out to all that have been affected. 

Cheers and be safe this stormy eve, james