Here we go post #2

Maybe this second post will be smoother than the several attempts made on the first post. I really should back track and read the how to’s but what fun would that be. Besides you learn and remember so much more when you learn it yourself. Ok maybe that doesn’t apply to a lot of things like math, calculus (is that really math or just cruel torture for our students) and other things, but it works for writing.

The more you write, the more you learn about writing. The more you learn about word slinging, the more you learn when you read. Other authors give such valuable insights when we read their books. The way this author handles plot, another’s incredible world building, the examples go on. Mr. Tolken was incredible in the scope of his works. Not only did he write four of the world’s most recongized fantasy novels, but he created the entire world, history, peoples, and its mythos. As a writer dabbling in the fantasy world not only is Mr. Tolken, my hero, he is my gold standard for what a writer should strive for.

Middle Earth is as real to me and other fans of his writings as Earth is to the everyday person. I truly believe a writer has the ability to make a difference with his or her stories. Through our stories we can connect people together and maybe change the way someone views the world and the people around them.