Quote of the Day: Max Hawthorne

Author Max Hawthorne is the creative genius behind the Kronos Rising series. Currently there are 3 full novels, plus 2 novellas that take place between the novels. His writing is well researched and keeps events moving along. His characters are well rounded with flaws, strengths, and unique personality quirks. He is a new voice in the sea monster genre. Fans of Peter Benchley and Steve Alten will find plenty to like.

Cheers, james

Quote of the Day: Jeffery Deaver

Who are some of your favorite authors? What is it about their writing draws you? How do you see your own writing measuring up?

Robert E. Howard would look at my writing and ask where is your passion? His stories speak to me about a life worth living. Living in the moment and giving all of yourself to your writing. Perhaps this unwillingness to give myself up completely to both my writing and my reader is holding me back. Thoughts to explore for another day.

Cheers, james

Quote of the Day: Coffee

Dragons and coffee. The only thing better would be a steaming cup of Earl Greyer. There are three loves in my life other than the hubby and kids. Dragons, tea, and writing or reading on a rainy evening in front of a cheerful fireplace. Okay there might be more than three things there.

Have a great day. Cheers, james

Falling rain

Here in Eastern North Carolina we are seeing some nice fall weather with enough of a rain drizzle to cozy up with a nice mug of hot earl grey and a good book. Although in a writer’s case a fresh sheet of paper, a sweet writing pen or a new document on the computer. I do have a slight confession to make, this type of weather makes me want to pick up my knitting too.

Many a cherished memory began with a day like today. It meant chicken and rice or if I was with MeMa and Pappy gizards and rice were on the menu for supper. It meant time spent on the front porch watching it rain with Pappy while he smoked. Hours curled on the couch listening to Grandaddy or Grandma talk about their lives growing up. I was so very blessed to have two wonderful caring sets of grandparents that made sure I knew I was well loved. Days like this meant Dad didn’t work outside and we would go places, the movies, the laundrymat, the bookstore, where ever we wanted or needed to go.

So on a perfectly lovely deary evening what do you yearn to do? Sip tea or coffee while you read, write that next page or start a new story, knit something warm and cozy, or sit quietly and listen to the world. Here’s to you and your own cherished memories and the places they can take you. Cheers, james