Eyes sparkle, mischief dances
Little head tosses, let’s run
Soft nose softly blows
My face, let’s race

Tiny hooves flash and dance
Maine and tale flow
Legs working, Run

Old man stumbles,
Soft nose tiredly blows
My face, the race is run.
Tiny horse, I can’t run.

18 years we’ve run and play
Side by side, best of friends
Now has come time to say
Good Bye, Run wild, run free

One day we shall once
Again, Run.
Be at peace till that time,
Find the others that went
Before and Run.

In memory of my sweet little horse, Chestnutt.

Stolen Moments

Married to you,
its the hidden touches,
the secret smiles,
the stolen moments away from spying eyes.
The whispered words of things to come,
treasured moments in your arms,
tiny kisses, private jokes,
Turn into stolen moments away from prying eyes and wagging tongues.
We love a lifetime in our stolen moments.
Then return to who we have to be for spying eyes and wagging tongues.


Your anger slaps at me
like the cruel relentless wind.
My own anger unfurls
like a striking snake.

Eyes mirror the pain,
with each shouted phrase.
“You don’t understand”
“I don’t want to understand”

Once only thoughtful words
and tender caresses passed between us.
Now heated angry acusations thoughtlessly flung at each other.

We loved strongly and now we hate even more.

Mom’s Tribute

I am the life you created,
I am the child forged in your heart,
I am the woman made,
I could not exist without you,
Your love, your care.

I am graceful,
Because you showed me,
I am strong,
Because you led me,
I am,
Because you let me,
And most of all I am loved,
Because you loved me.

Thank you Mom, I know I don’t tell you nearly enough. Your loving daughter, james

The Hidden

I hear the pen callin’
The paper silently weeps,
Their author is missin’

But the knitting needles gloat,
The hand that writes has been hidden,
Transformed into the hand that knits.

Siren sings of the pattern that if discovered will end the strife between pen and needle, ending paper’s anguish.
I search and search and neither pen nor needle or paper’s plight can help me figure the hidden pattern of life.

(Never realized my knitting needles were petty and jealous)

Secret Notes

Tired eyes, tired feet,
Meet secret notes that you leave,
And chases the weariness from my heart.

A smile and thought of your handsome face,
brightens my night and
a kiss for your lips.

A single note is all you wrote,
An expression of love, a beautiful
moment of tenderness.
To lighten my cares, and sweeten my mood.

Tired eyes, tired feet,
Meet secret notes that you leave.