Pen Tech (cool new toys)

I recently heard about a new weapon in the “writer’s arsenal”, called a smart pen or digipen. This hi-tech gadget is a pen, audio and video recorder. You write and record what is going as you write and then you can transfer the stuff you wrote on the paper to your computer, along with the audio recording. Some of the pens that do the recording use the pen or use another device like a tablet or smartphone. Only draw back is the all in one pens are expensive and have special ink cartridges and paper. Some slightly less expensive pens have a reciever that handles the recording, but no special ink or paper. Livescribe and Wacom seem to be the manufacturers I kept stumbling over. Another is a complete system named Iris. There was another decently priced one but I couldn’t find an active seller for it. It is called a Logipen? for about $50 dollars. The others are $100 bucks and up.

Maybe I am just a wee bit kooky, but this sounds so cool. I am still learning about these things, but how cool useful would this have been in class? Since I am a vocal creative person, the audio recording would be awesome. Allowing me to catch those fragments of thought that didn’t merrit writing, but still be available later instead of forever lost to best guessed memory. The real pay off is my prefrace for hand writing then typing and editing. It would allow me the ability to write faster without the aggravation of typing, since I would download the pages and go from there.

I mentioned it to my boss and she thought it was a interesting idea, because of the notes and stuff I write. I think my post has turned from a  “lookee what I found” to a self targeted sales pitch. Hmmm, not sure that is good. These pens are still evolving, but I don’t think they will replace my much loved dollar store pens. Anyway just a little food for thought in pen-evolution.

Random Thoughts

With a sad heart, I must tell you my favorite ink pen has written its last. After numerous pages of notes, two seperate story ideas, several pages on dreams, the ink is gone.  However all hope is not lost because I have its twin within easy reach. And that means a trip to Dollar Tree for writing supplies. Yay! 

I understand most folks never keep up with or use up the ink in their pens so you are going “yep she has flipped her lid. Stick the proverbal fork in her, cause she is done.”

Haha is my response because at least I have known the pleasures of pressing pen tip to paper and watch the ink flowing across the page. Don’t knock it til you try it. Cause you might find you’re enjoying yourself. I think it has been a long week and I could be just a tad punch drunk. Oh well till Sunday night’s post. A most wonderful weekend to you all.