Memorial Day Holiday

A special day to remember the soldiers that fought and died and for the soldiers still fighting, not just here in the USA, but worldwide. Remember the conflicts, current and historic. If we do not know our past and are unwilling to learn from those mistakes, then we are surely doomed to repeat them.

I am neither passive nor warhawk, I believe in the sacredness of home, family, and the ablity to raise our children safely. I believe in protecting me and mine and you and yours should the boogeyman creep out of the shadows to threaten. My rights as a person and a living being coexist with the rights of other people and beings. We have the right to respect others and be respected. We do not have the right to trample down certain folks because they may seem different. If any man, woman, child, or animal is cut, we all bleed red.

Hmmm kinda soapbox preachy. Just my two cents worth. Cheers, james