Owl Story Trivia

I have been working on a project called Owl Story for the last 4 or 5 years. I posted about it when I was writing on it pretty regularly. Then I kinda wrote myself into a corner and I left it alone to work on other projects. The other day my mom asked me how it was going and when she would be able to read it. It is one of my stories that really grabbed her interest.

I wrote most of the story by hand on legal pads from the dollar store. (Dollar Tree Rocks!) And I kept all the pages together in one place. However since we have been moving, I don’t know where I put it for safe keeping and I had typed most of it on a thumb drive. There again I don’t know where that is either. So for the moment the story is lost except for the first part.

I recently read over the introduction and its good. It isn’t perfect, but it is a good start. I am thinking maybe I should start over keeping the introduction, but taking it down a different path. That may help me in several ways, either show me how to get out of the corner I wrote myself into or open up a completely different story.

One problem I had was too many main characters. I can see that now looking back on what I remember. I was trying to keep up with ten (10) characters that would be classed as main characters. Ambitious I know and overwhelming trying to keep that many spinning plates. I think I would focus on maybe three and a possible fourth as a wild card character.

Stay tuned for future updates on Owl Story and I might even try for a proper working title. And let this serve as a lesson to you. Just because you have a back up copy of your writtings. It serves no purpose if you can’t find it. Also it means when you move make sure All the writing stuff goes in one safe and Findable location.

Cheers, james

Update: I thought I found it but it was a regular old legal pad with a bunch scribbles. Practice, notes about life in general, and lots of self doubting angst. Too cliche I’ m afraid, but true.

Writing Projects Update

I am working on several writing projects. I have Owl Story, there is a page for it under Pages. Saving Emilsa also has a page listed under Pages. Zombie Shark story/screen play I play with in moments of humor. I need to set up a page for it. Then my first NaNo project Manuscripts Ephinanies Illuminated, or MEI for short. Plus two untitled stories that are only a page or two right now.

Cheers and staying busy, james

Owl Story Update

Update: As of Sunday, Sept. 20th my typed word count is 14,812 Yay! I am still twelve handwritten pages away from being completely caught up. So I have broke the 16,000 word count. For me this is huge. I’ve never written this much on a story. Not so great news is it has taken me a year and change to get here.

I have been typing on my main work in progress. Noticed that my font size instead of being 12 point was 10.5. No wonder I had the zoom on 140%, cause I couldn’t see it. I thought it was just me, being blind. I changed it to 12 and my page count jumped from 28 to 32.

Yay! I have typed up from page 86 to page 96, I think. It is a lot slower typing it up vs. writing it up. I’d still be working on it, but the grill was calling me.

So I am tending to fire, grilling a nice chunk o meat. The hubby had to work this afternoon so, I am being wifely?, and making supper. I think he will be pleasantly suprised driving up and seeing smoke from the grill and not his kitchen. Lol!

So cheers to you on a lovely evening, james

T M I (too much info)

As I write, some things I leave out because its part of normal everyday life and sleeping, eating, don’t move a story along. Unless it is relevant to the story. An example is my main character Rachael hiking thru woods looking for her mom. She is hungry and thirsty, I describe her approach to drinking and the eating of just enough berries to not make herself sick. Those details are important and shows she knows her way around the woods.

Other scenes when I am unsure where I am going I write in making or drinking a cup of tea. This is a real world habit of mine so it makes sense. As this is first draft those tea moments may or may not make final cut. (I find myself jonesin for a cup of Earl Grey) So how do you know when you are giving TMI?

Part of my concern is lack of experience, I have never gotten this far on a story before. At 107 handwritten pages doesn’t sound like much, but most died after a few typed pages. Another reason to write old school vs. my laptop is I can write without my inner efitor going “that’s not right”, spelling, structure, tense all the horrible typo gremlins that plague me. I give the wonderfully sneaky answer “I’ll fix when I type it”. So far it has worked, I have typed 25 pages which equals 70-80 handwritten pages. Long way to go. One bright spot Tolkien wrote LOTRs over the course of several years, I think.

The other concern is how my grasp on the story keeps changing and how the tones is changing. I can’t tell if it is changing or if the way I see it is changing. Anyway back to my waiting pen and paper. Cheers on this Father’s Day. james

Happy Thursday update

I had a couple hours worth of writing time on Thursday night, pages got wrote and I worked through some plot snarls. All in all it was a very good writing/plotting session. I left plenty to work with in the main story. But two backstories are bubbling up. I am torn how much to follow them or just let them flow beneath the main story. One story will have serious impact further in, the other I am not really sure what if any impact it will have.

Instinct tells me I wouldn’t written it if the story didn’t need it. I don’t want my story becoming to serious and this line may inject humor lightening things up a bit. The next writing date I make, I think exploring that line will prove its merrit.

Now on to my next writing date. Cheers, james

Taxes, family history, and writing

I had an interesting experience today. I worked with my mom this weekend and while she worked on stuff I was unneeded I wrote. Mind you I only got two pages done plus a later piece of the story wrote yesterday, but I did write.

Amid distractions of copying, diet coke, paper filling, I was able to stay in the story. Another neat thing is I learned more of my grandparents’ story. My grandmother loves romance novels, but it seems she lived in the middle of one too. I also learned that some of my personality traits come from my grandmother as well as my mother. And that somethings get passed down in cycles.

It is the weekend before April 15th and Uncle Sam’s big payday, a busy weekend, but interesting nonetheless. Now I gotta get ready for my workweek ahead. Cheers on a Sunday evening. james

Progress, Owl Story update

I have been fussing with Owl Story for the last week, ever since my pen decided to quit and the replacements wouldn’t be found. (Yes, I am well aware it is silly to only write with a certain type of pen on a certain type of paper. But… if you knew how nice these pens work with this paper, you would understand.) In the scene I am working on, Dmitry is running from a possessed wolf pack (how cool is that) and I needed a place to stash him for safe keeping, until the pack is gone. I stashed him in a old tree on par with the California redwoods. And to get back he has to pass through a swamp with some type of monster living in it.

I keep wondering am I going to far? Swamps are bad places to wander through without a swamp monster to fight off too.

Cheers on a Sunday night. james

Owl Story update

I decided to catch up my typing on Owl Story, while I mulled things over about what needs to happen vs. what is happening. One passage struck me as a “hey wait a minute that’s a mack truck sized plot hole”. Reading the several pages leading to it I typed my orignal. Then I included the rewritten and hopefully better passage. Funny thing is the second part has gone further than the original. Finally progress on something.

I like learning more about one character’s backstory, when she first appeared I didn’t know if she was good or bad or what. I am starting to think she will have a more active role than I originally planned. I’m pleased with the story’s current progression. Still have about three pages and change to catch everything up between the hard and digital copies.

I am starting to wonder about the wisdom of writing pen and paper, only to have to type it later. Although it quiets the need to edit and get one paragraph or page right before moving on. Pen and paper allows me the freedom of “I’ll fix it when I type it up” mentallity. And everybody tells you, first draft is getting the story on paper. Then your second and third draft, you edit, edit, and hopefully after all the ink, sweat, and tears a final copy is born.

Hope this chilly evening finds you well. Cheers, james