Camp NaNo

Happy April 1st, 2021

Welcome to the first day of Camp NaNo. As you can see the NaNo Rhino is hard at work on plotting plot or perhaps plot holes. I applaud you for taking the time and putting in the effort to make your story your own.

Now quit wasting time reading blog posts when you should be settling in to the cabins and getting those words flowing. Best of luck. May your words never flow faster than your pen can write or your fingers type.

Cheers, james

What have I done …

I think I just talked myself into NaNoWriMo this year. I started a page last year about my NaNo goals, read thru it and hit publish. I am so not ready, but excited to give this challenge a try. Now to visit the NaNo site and not chicken out.

Dum da dum dum da are you considering joining NaNo this year? Or are you an old pro? Come join the fun. They say its a wild ride.

Cheers on a beautiful Thursday night, james