NaNoWriMo 2018 Goals

It has been three years since I last participated in NaNoWriMo. I focused so much on my writing that the entire month was a blur. And I couldn’t remember anything about it that wasn’t writing related. It scared me. So that summer I thought maybe I could participate in Camp NaNo and it wouldn’t be quite as intense. Well I had fun and wrote about 10K words. And that was pretty much the last serious writing I have done, excepting my journal and this blog. Although the blog has suffered greatly by my neglect. I do apologize for that. Life and myself got in the way.

What does a non-writing writer know about writing?

That question haunted me and it still rears it’s nasty lil head up every so often. However the answer to that is this, putting words on the page. No it may not be the world’s greatest piece of writing. But it has brought me back to the page and to the words. So I have decided to give NaNoWriMo another chance. Except this time it will be on my terms. Since I got so wrapped up in my writing I am cutting down my word count to 750 words per day. And I am going to start writing now, however it will not count towards the final word count. If I can get started on and maintain the 750 words then some days the words may fly fast and furious and some days maybe not. But I will be writing and that my friends is what counts most.


  • Start writing now, thru November 30th
  • Daily word count 750 vs 1667 
  • Rebuild my writing skill and confidence
  • Have fun and enjoy writing again
  • Keep blogging 

So these are my goals and I think I can keep up with them. Fingers crossed. So what goals are you setting for your NaNo writing prep season. Are you thinking about participating in NaNoWriMo? There are great resources available at

Cheers, james

Mysterious Happenings

I am part of the official NaNoWriMo facebook group and somebody posted about unsolved mysteries. People have been commenting on various mysteries thru the ages. I commented about the “Beast of Bladensboro” in North Carolina.

The story goes between 1954 and 1955 there weird animal killings, domestic and wild animals. The victims spanned from pet dogs to deer. Then the killings stopped. Speculation abounded on who or what had done the killings. One theory said it was a cougar or a large cat that had possibly escaped captivity. There were lots of more interesting theories suggested.

When I lived in the mountains, people talked about the Brown Mountain lights. The theory goes the lights are lost souls forever wondering the mountain in search of peace. Another is aliens running around just to mess with up. Another theory is the flashes are reflection of vehicles on the road which is why the lights are always moving.

So what interesting stories or mysteries do you have lurking in your backyard. Sometimes those homegrown legends can inspire your writing and spark your imagination.

Cheers, james

Writing Prep

NaNoWriMo is coming! NaNoWriMo is coming!

Ah that time of the year is soon to be upon us. The time when people go nuts from now until December 1st. Thank you Mr. Chris Beatty, as if the holidays need any extra craziness. Or could it be a refuge from the holiday insanity that takes over. Hmm food for thought for another post.

Pantser or Planner

First you need to decide which approach or a combonation approach you want to use. A “pantser” as defined is someone that is flying by the seat of their pants. Winging it, free spirited etc. approach to writing.

A “planner” is someone that plans, outlines, notes and thoroughly prepares for their writing. Anithesis of pantser.

Personally I like the combo of the two. Plenty of notes on world building, character sketches, a basic mind map of the how, when, where and whatfors. But with enough room to make a run into left field if that is where the story goes. Except I never get that far into my planning. Oh well there is always a first time.

Despite best attempts to get back into writing I haven’t. Either too much stress or just plan lack the fire and drive. Usually when life hits the fan is when my writing ramps up to help me escape the stress of the “real” world. So I am considering another run at NaNo this year.

Two months to prepare and get things organized with several story ideas in my head and also a couple of stories that I have been working on for several years. I think I can do it.

So the question you need to ask yourself is pantser or planner? Or maybe its NaNo or not to NaNo? As those answers will guide you into a writing adventure. Cheers, james

NaNo prep course

I got a cool facebook post and an email from NaNoWriMo. They are partnering with Coursera and Weslynn College for a NaNo prep course. Wow! The course is based up of 5 classes starting August 21. First 4 are preparing you for the acutal writing. The last class is the really awesome part, the focus is on editing and peer reviews of your NaNo project. 

All in all this course is a huge committment to your writing and for $29 is a worthwhile investment in yourself. If you ever wanted to write or thought about taking part of NaNoWriMo but felt shaky on your writing skills. This course and this price is a great place to start. 

Food for thought this summer evening, james

NaNo Prep

I got an email last week about September NaNo prep. Hmmm. I think I will be sitting out NaNo this year but I will keep writing. Just not so fast, furious and to exclusion of the rest of my life. 

To all the ones thinking about doing it, trying for the first time, and newbies just hearing of NaNoWriMo. I applaude you and your efforts. Huzzah, james