Book Review: The Ridge

I picked up a book at Dollar Tree that sounded pretty cool.

The Ridge by Michael Koryta

This was a mystery/supernatural/thriller stand alone novel. It centers on a weird dude that built a weird lighthouse in the middle of the mountains. From there, Mr. Koryta takes us up, down, around, and some loop de loops. Every time you think you have a grasp on everything. He shows you a different angle and things change again. The characters were very rounded and believable. I really liked the book. After the story ends, he included info about the real life big cat sanctuary his fictional rescue drew from. And a Q&A about the writing of the book and his process.
So now I’m off to the bookstore to see what other of his books I can sink my fangs teeth into. Cheers on this chilly Friday night, james

Book Review: The Gray and Guilty Sea

I found this book on nook and it sounded like a good mystery. I was right but there is so much more to this book than a mystery. This is the first Garrison Gage mysteries. The second book is A Desperate Place For Dying. The third is The Lovely Wicked Rain.

The author, Scott Willard Carter, gives you real characters to care about and cheer for. I had some laugh out loud moments with a minor character Agnes, some teary moments with a secondary character Mattie, and charmed by the crockety main character Gage.

I sat down Sunday afternoon with this book and I finished it about 10:40 pm that night. Its nice sized read but I am looking forward to the next story. If you are a mystery fan I whole heartedly recomend this book.