Writing time: where do you go?

Where does my writing time go? I have it set aside, my area is good to go and before you know it, The Real World is banging on the door.

During the holidays I had several days off from work. “Oh boy, I can get some serious writing time.” Yep old man Murphy saw me coming and put quite a few road blocks, thumb tacks, lil children toys in my path. Needless to say I managed to accomplish little to no writing. If I hadn’t written the two or three posts before the holidays then I would have missed that too. It was the first time I have scheduled a post before, pretty neat except I kept wanting it to be time for it to post.

I have a chance Monday to try and get some writing done and put 2014 to rest. Thank you Dr. King, I believe you would understand my celebrating your day by writing and using those gifts the Good Lord Above gave me.

So where does your writing time go?  Or do you have the reverse going on? Writing or worse staring at a blank page/screen and you hear the tenths of seconds bonging like hour chimes.

Best of luck to everyone’s 2015 and beyond endeavors. Cheers, james