Book Review: Moth and Spark

Moth and Spark is the debut novel of author Ann Leonard. Published in 2014 it has been well recieved in both the fantasy and romance genres. However as a reader of both fantasy and romance, I place it firmly in the romance with fantasy attributes catagory. It is a nice hard back with stunning cover design. 

For a quick light read this is a decent book, however if you are expecting a hardcore fantasy novel with a dash of romance this isn’t it. The love story is the author’s prime focus for over half the book while she builds the plot quietly in the background. The last third of the book did not seem as well built as the previous chapters. There were certain loose ends that were too neatly tied up without the reader feeling there was more to it. 

I wanted to like this book and parts certainly amused me, however I felt there was certain elements missing from the story. According to the author’s website she wrote this as a stand alone novel. But she has been tossing about ideas for a sequel that would be placed years in the future. Perhaps when she writes her sequel the characters will shine a light on certain events from a hisorical context. I give this novel more points from a romance than fantasy because that is what it is. Magic and dragons do not a fantasy make when they are merely window dressing for the love story. 

Cheers on this Halloween evening, james

Moth and Spark

Update: I am really starting to enjoy this story. The author has a light touch although some of her elements can be out of place. She reference a unseen color changing light effect in a mideval time frame. What? Where did the led mood light come from? Anyway the details and story move along once I got past a slow start. This was more to do with putting the players in place and not losing the reader. Cheers, james

I picked this book up the other day at the local dollar store. I started reading while home sick, while I realize isn’t the best time to read high fantasy. It had been calling to be read.

I read a review from The Caffinated Reader and I poked around the author’s website. I admit I never write about a book before reading it, but there is something about this book. I want to like it. Maybe it is the story blurb on the inside cover or perhaps the teaser on the back cover. 

So more on this book and author once I read it. Cheers, james