Compass Rose

North, land of ice and snow

South, ancient tropical forests

East, far and distant lands

West, places beyond horizons

Heed me to one place I unite.

Each one seperate and equally whole.

Together a rose they form. 

Many an adventure and journey have they gone.

Compass rose guide me far away and lead me home.

Library of Congress

Okay so we know the Library of Congress (LoC) exists. But have you ever thought about the treasures, the wealth of information it holds? Guilty as charged, until I was looking for something and the LoC popped up.

Say what???? I’ve never visited their website until yesterday. You can order copies of maps, old maps from them. You can also download and save them or print them. Its no secret I love maps, they spark my imagination and lift my spirits. (Explorer in a previous life perhaps?) So to be gifted with the ability to look at maps from the 1600s and beyond blew my mind.

I have been so intriqued I have spent several hours looking through their site. Now I really want to take the trip to DC and see it all in person. How awesomely cool that would be? However there are a few speed bumps, mainly getting to DC and then getting a library card for the LoC. They have three buildings full of stuff, according to the website over 100 million items. 100 million and beyond. A multitude of reading rooms, and a store that sells stuff, not online but in person. Why did I not apply for a job there after I got out if school???

Anyways if you have a love for writing, books, and maps, maps and lots more maps. Check out the Library of Congress, it is well worth your time. And the best part admission is an internet connection.

Cheers james


Well it ain’t (excuse the local venacular) pretty but I guess it will serve to guide me through my story. I made one of several attempts at mapmaking. So far it looks like a sheet of graphpaper with squiggily lines for rivers/streams and dots for places of inteterest/important events.

I decided since i was using graphpaper and I am working against time. I would let time be my scale instead of miles. I also have noted on my map one square equals one hour of travel one foot. While three squares equal one hour by elk (I know cool right. Whoever thought of using an elk as a riding animal) I will at a later date ascribe the miles into a more traditional map.

I must say I am waiting for the day in the future when my doodle/scibble looks like a real map. I am inspired by the fact Middle Earth’s map was a collage of many different maps Mr. Tolken made over the years. Practice and patience will sure win the game and I will draw something worthy of the name.