A Special Gift

October 31st marked our tenth wedding anniversary. The hubby always jokes when he sees kids dressed funny he knows its our anniversary. He is the one that introduced me to Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Cimmerian, the original stories.

For several years I have been looking for a 3 book anthology that is made up of Robert E. Howard’s writings alone. I give credit to Mr. L. Sprague de Camp, he did a lot towards the revivial and keeping Conan and REH in the public’s mind. However his vision is not quite exactly Howard’s vision. Back to the story.

The week before our anniversary I was cruising ebay and on a whim type up books. Well sir there were books of all types, ages and genres. Curiosity loosed I went searching for our Cimmerian. I found an auction of all 3 anthologies for a steal. I mentioned it to the hubby and he gently pressed bid.

Those books came this week. They are in pristine condition, as far as I can tell nobody has even flipped through their illustrated pages. This proves beyond a doubt he knows me so well.

This anniversary is extremely special for another reason. This summer he got very, very sick and I almost lost him. Two and half weeks in the hospital and then another three and half months of recovery and doctor appointments hammered it home. So we came very close to not making this anniversary. So that makes it even more special.

I beg you guys, cherish the ones you love. Every chance you get tell them you love them. That you are thinking of them. Don’t weep the bitter tears of should have. Don’t take this moment in time for granted. We are not promised tomorrow. Cheers, james

Stolen Moments

Married to you,
its the hidden touches,
the secret smiles,
the stolen moments away from spying eyes.
The whispered words of things to come,
treasured moments in your arms,
tiny kisses, private jokes,
Turn into stolen moments away from prying eyes and wagging tongues.
We love a lifetime in our stolen moments.
Then return to who we have to be for spying eyes and wagging tongues.

Secret Notes

Tired eyes, tired feet,
Meet secret notes that you leave,
And chases the weariness from my heart.

A smile and thought of your handsome face,
brightens my night and
a kiss for your lips.

A single note is all you wrote,
An expression of love, a beautiful
moment of tenderness.
To lighten my cares, and sweeten my mood.

Tired eyes, tired feet,
Meet secret notes that you leave.