Quote of the Day: JRR Tolkien

If you have been following this blog for any length of time, you know that Tolkien is my gold standard for writing. This poem, riddle from the Lord of the Rings has my favorite line of all time.

“Not all who wander are lost” I feel this describes my life and my writing life. Although I get lost on both plenty. I love the journey. Take time to really see and enjoy your own journey of life. Cheers, james

Home: The physical place and the emotionally significance of home

Home is where you hang your hat.

Home is where your heart is.

Home sweet home.


All of these quotes deal with the signifigance of home as a shelter from the natural elements and of emotional ties. As a writer how important to your characters is home? Samwise in Lord of the Rings often thinks of home and the Shire, in fact this is one of his most important roles. Helping Frodo remember home and the Shire to get to Mt. Doom and get home. Those last pages and those scenes in the movie were important because without Samwise reminding Frodo about home, the ring would have completely corupted him.

So far in both of my stories home hasn’t become much of an issue. In Owl Story (dontcha just love working titles) home is destroyed within the first few pages. In Haydrian the main character is kidnapped from the street. So very little has been revealed of home there. However homesickness and the longing to go home play a big part. 

Owl has been my primary work in progress while Haydrian is the one I chew on and think about. Some seriously uncomfortable issues have cropped up and I want to make sure I handle them accordingly. Sexual slavery and torture are not subjects to be lightly handled but neither do I want them taking over either. So carefully I mull over how much to show and how much to let my reader fill in the blanks. 

As a writer do feel your own personal connection to home being reflected in your writing? I am very much rooted to the county where I grew up, although between third and fifth grade my family moved several times, but home was always where my grandparents were. I feel this belief is refected in my writing, even if it hasn’t made itself known yet in my two current stories. Also the need to explore and ramble ( as my grandfather would say) is reflected in my writing. That belief is a loud, proud, in your face kinda theme. I am hoping to see both of these stories develop and include the ideal of home. Every adventure starts at home and then Good Lord willing that is where it finishes. Unless you happen to be another JRR Tolken and then the sky’s the limit. Of course to be great you have to get started. I forget who said it but it still rings true. Cheers,