Strange Times

These are strange times we are currently living in, and that is okay. There have been strange times for each generation before us and there will be strange times after us. A lot of people are laid off right now and worried about where the next paycheck is coming from. Hugs, my friends, help is on the way, I hope. Either government aid, warm weather or the virus losing its hold, or maybe a mix of all. Some are working from home, bless you, my children (dogs) are driving me nuts and I am still going to work. And some are hard at work, my trucking and marine shipping friends, the healthcare workers, the folks working to keep our world functioning. I salute you and applaud your efforts.

Eastern North Carolina has been fairly lucky, we have a few cases. Being in a less populous rural area, it is less of an issue than the metro areas of Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham and the Triad area. My thoughts and prayers and speedy recoveries to the families suffering.

A friend of mine posted about the importance of keeping a journal, a blog, or a way to remember this moment of strange times. I keep both a journal and this blog, I mention it fairly frequently. But if you don’t normally keep a journal or a blog, perhaps you might consider it. Records are left behind from every civilization. Historians worry our electronic records won’t leave a trace for future historians. That we need written records, journals, photo journals, art journals, stories, notebooks, etc. more than ever.

When was the last time you wrote an actual letter with a pen and piece of paper?

Personally I think generations from now will be seeing 4 or 5 times great grandparents photos or videos. Things pretty much live on the internet, but what if they are right?

Wouldn’t you love to leave a legacy behind for your future generations to know how it was during your strange times?

Cheers and be safe my friends, james


Writing through the Pain

Poll time: Do you believe Writer’s Block is real?

Some folks believe wholeheartedly that Writer’s Block is real. And there are about the same amount of folks that say nope Writer’s Block is an excuse to not write. So my humble opinion is both sides are right. There are days when I struggle to get the words out and there are days the words just flow. However the days I struggle to write are the same days I struggle to do anything. So my working theory is maybe Writer’s Block is not the problem but a symptom of the bigger problem.

The “Real World” influences everything in our daily life. Work, culture, family, the hopes and desires that fuel our writing and also our fears and nightmares all contribute to making up the individual. Anxiety and depression can flavor and distort our writing just as excitement can send us down a thousand rabbit holes. Writing is an outlet we use to process and reimagine our thoughts, emotions and let the what ifs fly. So my theory that when we are not in sync with ourselves the words may not come.

As I type these words I am struggling. I feel out of sync and unable to properly capture the vision of this post. I was pretty sure about how I wanted to address this and yet it is anything but clear. However this is a great example of writing thru the pain and fustration of being out of sync or what have you with yourself and with your life.

Just remember you are worthy and you are unique. Cheers, james

Mid Year Ponderings

Today is Friday June 3rd, the year is at the half way mark. What? Where did it go? I was flipping through my old posts, thinking didn’t I just post that. But no it was way back some time ago.

The old folks say the older you get, the faster time moves. If its moving this fast at 34, a year when I’m 74 might feel like a slow blink. I looked at my unfinished NaNo project, haven’t touched it since the end of February. Tonight I changed that, two pages written and I still have the flow going. I just took a quick minute to finish this post.

So I am still writing, still blogging, journaling, although a wee bit slower than before. Cheers on this stormy evening, james

A new ….

Tonight is the fourth day of a new month. I don’t know where the previous five months went, but here’s to hoping June stays a little longer. This also marks no writing progress this month. I haven’t looked at or touched my notebooks and pad since the twenty something of May.

I realized this morning I have fallen into a trap. I was thinking about stuff I needed to work on today. Writing was placed on the list and the voice in my head rebuffed me. “Shame on you, you have certain obligations and writing isn’t one right now.” Aha! The light bulb clicked on, I have been masking my non writing with my writing excuses. Things like you should working on work stuff, spending more time with the hubby ( this is a legit need), spending more time with family (hmmm this is in front of the tv, I smell a rat), etc. all clamoring for that sacred time. I used to set aside two hours after my shower and before bed on the nights my hubby works. And somehow that time disappeared, spent in front of the tv to keep my uncle company.

So tonight I hope to turn a new beginning and retake my writing time back.

Cheers to you on this stormy Thursday night, james

Faith and Steve Harvey

My co-worker and I listen to the Steve Harvey morning show and he was talking about faith. His take on faith struck a cord with me both as a person and as a writer. Mr. Harvey said faith is an undenyable truth that a person just knows. The example he used was fried chicken in a room, and then being taken out. And a person smelling the chicken after it was removed, they knew it had been there even if no one else caught it.

“Faith is an undenyable truth” that is a powerful statement for a writer. If I believe and know I am suposed to be a writer, then that is my undenyable truth. The Good Lord Above put that truth within my being, and He has left it up to me to work and fulfill that truth. As a writer, we know when we don’t write, we feel worse than we do by putting pen to paper, or at least I do. When I know I need to write, if I try to ignore it, I get distracted on other projects and tasks, sleep is hard to get, both falling and staying asleep. And the missing feeling in my life. Blogging seems to help, I try to keep a schedule of posting once a week. If I get to Thursday and I don’t have anything to post, words, thoughts and ideas begin to bubble up in my mind. This week I was busy and Thursday slid by. I believe it was because I needed to hear Mr. Harvey’s thoughts on faith. I have spent the last two days trying to get this post written and I finally felt ready to write.

I do take breaks, I am on a knitting break now, when I am burned out or frazzled, but the words are coming back and I am ready to jump back into the writing life.