Acts of Kindness

“No act of kindness, however small,  is ever wasted.”  Aseop

I read this quote a few years ago when it was International Kindness day or something. And I printed it off with a bunch of other kindness quote. This week this quote was hammered home. I work for a small town and I have gotten to know them over the years. Some no matter what will fuss, just to have something to fuss about. Some are lonely and like having a real person to talk to. Some are standoffish no matter how friendly I am. My true joy in work are my seniors, they are funny, wise and live life fully. Or maybe they have reached an age that cuts through the bs. 

Earlier this week one of my seniors called me at town hall. She said she was by herself and thought she was having a stroke. Of course I called 911 and got help on the way. She was taken to the hospital and she was released later that afternoon. I wondered that instead of calling 911 that she called me first. And I think the answer is she needed that human contact. She knows me and I know a little of her history. Kindness at their time of need. I have always shown all of my citizens kindness regardless of the kind of day I am having. And most of the time that kindness is returned. 

Last night on Facebook, that time stealer, I read a post of an older gentleman who thanked folks for their kindness to him since his wife passed. I was touched by the post and reached out to him. He contacted me thinking I had made a mistake. I explained his post had touched me and I wanted to reach out. We chatted for an hour. An act of kindness doesn’t just touch the person receiving the act, it touches the person making the act. 

I urge you if the chance comes to you be kind. Even if you feel the gesture was wasted, I assure it wasn’t. Aseop was incredibly wise when he penned those words. Cheers, james

Flat Tire Tales

Long ago before I started driving mine father sat me down in front of an old rickety half rotton two wheeled trailer. And said if you are going to drive you need to be able to change a tire. So he proceeded to place the jack under the trailer. And walked me through changing the tire. Once I got it off fighting for every inch I proudly beamed at him. And he smiles and said put it back on. And proceed to walk me through the lug tighten process in the star pattern. Oh and since you are doing so good do the other one. 

As a girl of 14 or so you can imagine the evil thoughts, and ill will I felt toward both mine father and that dirty nasty tire. Did I mention it was the trailer we used to clean stalls with. Yeah hot July or August day. 

Skip forward about 20 years and tonight (Wednesday) finds sitting in my car with it jacked up missing the back right tire. It went flat and a nice person stopped and pointed it out. I pulled off the road at the Post Office. Bless well lit and good paved parking lots. And proceeded to remove the jack and the Fire Chief drove up to get his mail. Needless to say he was very kind to help me out. (Thank you Mr. Bunny) He not only removed the nail from my tire, but plugged it too. I was able to safely drive home.And so ends my flat tire tale. 

Cheers, james