New Ink

I got two bottles of ink last week. Thank you Crazy Alan’s Emporium in Chapel Hill NC. I’m not real familar with Private Reserve ink. This color looked pretty close to Noodler’s Black Swan with English Roses, which I really like. And I am not usually a red fan. The Pilot Iroshizuku Syo-Ro looked very interesting. Especially since I just got a bottle of Ku-Jaku back in August.

I sampled them by dipping the nib of a clean pen in to get an idea of how they will act and look. So far I like both inks. I’ve included my sample. I was using my Hero 359A with an extra fine nib. I dipped the pen a couple of times before writing. I was amazed at how much I wrote using Syo-Ro vs Black Cherry.

I have two new pens on order and they should be here soon. One will be for the Black Cherry and the other will get Syo-Ro. One most likely the Syo-Ro will be a work pen. Or maybe I’ll continue to travel back and forth with them. A nice soft eyeglasses case make a perfect travel case for 4 fountain pens. Thank you Dollar Tree.

Cheers, james

Fire ‘n InkĀ 

On the 4th of July Americans celebrate the nation’s birthday. Yet without the power of fire and ink we wouldn’t have become an independent nation. The fires of rebellion began with unfair governing practices and coruption, those fires in turn led to the ink used to pen the Declaration of Independence, which gave birth to the fires of the American Revolution. So fire and ink are powerful in their own rights but together they can forge new beginnings. 

Just a few words to ponder this 4th of July week. Cheers, james

Fountain Pen: Take 2

I wrote a few weeks ago about aquiring a couple of Hero fountain pens and a bottle of Parker Quink black ink. So now I want to update on my new ink samples, (Thank you Goulet Pens) and my new Sheaffer Veiwpoint fountain pen.

After much discussion and browsing for ink. I found out they sell 2 mL ink samples. And as far as I can tell every ink they sell, you can get a sample. So I picked out four gorgeous inks and awaited delivery. I ordered the samples Thursday night, I received them Monday afternoon. The colors are bright and vibrant. I used a dip pen from a calligraphy set I never could master and tested them.


I, then cleaned my pen I had ink in. That was fun trying to put the ink back in the bottle only to later learn. Yeah you can but why would you want to. And after much flushing got my pen clean. I let it dry for twenty minutes maybe before I tried putting a new ink in it. De Atramentis Edgar Allen Poe green, I noticed the ink flowed smoothly but it scratched on the paper. I haven’t gotten it straight yet, but I have hope.

The Sheaffer Viewpoint is a medium nib and the blue ink is very blue and bright. It writes much larger and somewhat wetter, the nib size I believe. So I have two working inked fountain pens and cool ink to play with. I still urge you give them a try if you have ever wanted to try or thought fountain pens are cool.

Cheers, james

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